Any data. Anywhere.

Sabisu is an aggregation platform for all industrial and enterprise data.

Collect, process & prioritise in real-time

Sabisu has a long history of on-premise deployments

Sabisu aggregates and analyses data in real-time to show you what you need; costs, production rates, energy usage, project KPIs and more.

  • ERP
  • Historian / DCS
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • MS Office using Sabisu Go

Cloud ready

Wherever your data is, Sabisu can use it

If you’ve made the move to the cloud, Sabisu will be right there with you.

Sabisu has the data virtualisation, analytics and workflow tools ready to go; as a genuine SaaS platform there is no install or complex implementation required.

It’s easy to get started yet will scale to full enterprise deployment.

Aggregating and analysing multiple petabytes of operational and project data, Sabisu solutions have been proven in the largest oil & gas and petrochemicals enterprises in the world.

Aggregation and analysis with Sabisu

We’ve assembled the key aggregation, analytics and collaboration capabilities needed for real-time decision support—across sites, organisations or supply-chains.

  • Sabisu Workplace for advanced visualisations.
  • Massive data aggregation capability using ‘big data’ technology.
  • Real-time calculation & data analysis engine.
  • In-house mathematicians & data scientists to tune Sabisu’s capabilities to your requirements.
  • Sabisu Go for harnessing your Excel data.
  • Mobile device access for easy, rapid distribution of key data.
  • Ranking and prioritisation using Google technology

Aggregation unlimited.

Quickly share and involve others thanks to Sabisu’s browser interface – truly, it’s zero-touch deployment; no plug-ins required.

Sabisu users get the data they want when they want it, thanks to our Shika historian. It’s 2000x faster than SQL – which means less waiting, more doing.

Sabisu’s real-time, distributed, non-linear analytics engine turns data into useable KPIs, calculates impact and prioritises issues.

Sabisu Data Objects allow you to easily connect to any system. Grow as you need to with no vendor compatibility worries.

Use existing MS Excel reports and data with no effort; quickly get to one version of the truth to support decisions better.

Sabisu Mobile is a small device format HTML 5 user interface optimised for typical network coverage & usage in the field conventional smartphones, or intrinsically safe mobile devices.

Data Integration with Sabisu

Full Screen - Jidoka - Full (Trend)

Decisions won’t wait to be made; you need current data immediately. That’s why our Shika historian is incredibly fast and the platform optimised to provide guaranteed sub-2 second response even with complex datasets.

Excel Data

Sabisu Go makes it easy to integrate existing Excel data or reports, approve them, trend the raw Excel data or incorporate it into reports from other data sources.

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Sabisu’s calculation engine supports non-linear functions, modelling of physical properties, complex KPIs and even your own home-grown algorithms. Whatever it takes to get your data into useable information.

Full Screen - Energy Management

Valuable data can be anywhere; ERP, DCS, historian, LIMS or legacy. Sabisu Data Objects allow you to hook up new systems as needed. Integrate enterprise and process data to build trustworthy, accurate metrics to support your decisions.

Full Screen - Production Process

World-class integration capability needs a world-class user experience; the Workplace provides exactly that. Build the dashboards, drill-downs and applications you need through simple, quick configuration.

Full Screen - iPad - Project Management

Sabisu is ideal for complex manufacturing processes with many stakeholders. Distribute process and diagnostic data securely to equipment vendors or consultants over the internet to dramatically cut lead times. Only Sabisu has the tried and tested architecture to make this work.