Sabisu Pipelines

Sabisu brings genuine self-service; simple, versatile, powerful.


From data acquisition to action in one easy to use interface

Pipelines allow users to build out a solution in seconds, regardless of their IT skills.

They bring together data acquisition, analytics, collaboration and visualisation to allow users to configure reports, start actions or deliver knowledge in response to emerging issues.

For example, end-users can easily configure:

  • New reports shared onto Community dashboards
  • 24/7 monitoring & alerting of key process/project metrics and KPIs
  • Automated responses, e.g., alerting users or initiating an investigative process

Getting the data

The ‘Data’ lane allows users to select relevant data, regardless of source.

No technical knowledge is required as Sabisu takes you through finding your data, step by step.

It’s easy to mix

  • process data (e.g., IP.21, PI)
  • enterprise data (e.g.,  SAP, MS Excel)
  • project data (e.g., Primavera)

Filtering, manipulation & calculation

Carry out calculations on your chosen data using simple maths, complex functions, specific queries & conditional statements.

Use data acquired in the previous swim-lane, or pick up other manipulations and filters to feed more calculations.

Developers can even write full SQL queries into this layer.

Analytics made easy

Sabisu Analytics are pre-configured, ready to go. It couldn’t be easier to run complex analytics.

Choose your analytics from a simple menu and Sabisu will continually check the source and calculated data for issues, events, changes, or an evolving risk profile.

Customise & test any analytics in the Pipeline Editor so you can eliminate false positives/negatives, ready for the next stage: the ‘Do’ lane.

Making change happen

The ‘Do’ lane is all about responding and using the data, calculations and analytics above.

Users can do any, all and multiple of the following:

  • Build a Widget and instantly publish & share it, using a chart or rich presentation template from the library.
  • Generate an Advisory, to guide other users as to best practice in dealing with an emerging situation
  • Initiate a process to ensure that a situation is appropriately dealt with,
    • e.g., investigating anomalous asset behaviour, or evidence of increased project risk.

Pipelines are unique to Sabisu; self-service, powerful and unlimited in their applications.