Ready for IIoT

Sabisu is an exceptional platform for exploiting the Industrial Internet of Things

Quick, easy, scalable IIoT

Sabisu is ready to host your IIoT solution

With proven acquisition, analytics & workflow capability, Sabisu is the platform to help you build out your IIoT solution.

Sabisu is designed to consolidate & analyse data on a global scale. Using elastic compute and storage Sabisu has been proven at petabyte scale for process and sensor data.

Sabisu’s field connectivity options have been tested and refined since 2012, with Bridge, Go and Appliance providing for every connectivity scenario & network topology.

Acquiring the data is only the start. No other platform gives you the flexibility you need to exploit it – to build a solution that works for you at every level.

Distributed asset maintenance

Sabisu will aggregate all your sensor data, however distributed into a single data-lake; vast datasets, including all the historical data available.

Advanced process data analytics allow you to identify underperforming assets and predict failures, using elastic compute resources running C++, Python and Spark/Hadoop.

Sabisu’s algorithms monitor an unlimited amount of industrial data to provide early warning of asset failure and increased risk of asset failure.

Using machine learning Sabisu can recognise likely failure modes so you can take early action.

Remote asset health management

Sabisu will take you from reactive, through preventive to predictive maintenance, improving availability and driving down maintenance costs.

Centrally monitor usage and predict maintenance requirements and/or intervals, providing expert remote monitoring and diagnostics.

This supports new managed service value propositions from asset vendors as pioneered in aircraft engine maintenance. It’s ideal for OEM vendors looking to provide added-value services, or any organisation with asset specific expertise.

Sabisu is an emerging best-practice platform for expertise-as-a-service.

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Sabisu is designed to consolidate & analyse data on a global scale.
Elastic compute and storage allows us to scale to petabytes of process, enterprise or project data.

Asset Failure Prediction

Advanced process data analytics to identify under-performing assets and predict failures.

Pro-active, predictive maintenance and asset risk assessment.


From data acquisition to action in one easy to use interface; simple, versatile, powerful and genuine self-service.

Pipelines allow users to build out a solution in seconds, regardless of their IT skills.