Project workflows

Role-based workflow & actions to ensure projects are delivered the right way.

Project workflow management

Sabisu is the only platform designed to help you realise your project promises.

Workflow is key to this and Sabisu ensures every action is aligned to project objectives with role-based workflow integrated into the platform.

Each project is different so Sabisu workflow is easy to adapt to any process, with examples including:

  • Project Assurance
  • Assurance Reviews
  • Management of Change
  • Risk management & actions
  • Opportunity evaluation & investigation

Risks & opportunities

Don't become a victim of the outcome

Managing risk on a major capital project is of paramount importance in delivering on project promises, yet often, risk processes are manual, supported by simple log tools

Sabisu changes this, promoting pro-active management to ensure:

  • Mitigations/countermeasures are planned
  • Appropriate controls are in place
  • Risk & opportunity evaluations are carried out in a timely & complete fashion
  • Risk are oriented around strategic intent and project commitments

Risk Actions are managed through Sabisu Actions; tracked to completion, auditable and allocated to any user, regardless of organisation. As you’d expect from Sabisu all risk reports are real-time and automatically updated on the appropriate project workplaces.

This is Risk Management as it should be in a 21st century, connected environment.


Action tracking

Sabisu Actions underpin the platform, ensuring that the right work gets done the right way.

All Actions are tracked to completion, fully transparent and auditable. Action reporting is real-time and globally available.

Actions can be used for any reason, with user Communities and workflow defined to suit. They’re often initially used for Project Assurance, Gate Review and Leadership Team actions, before being used on other parts of the project.

Flexibility is crucial; everyone has access so Sabisu Actions can be created by any user to drive opportunity identification and evaluation.

Turnarounds & fast moving maintenance projects

Sabisu is a unique platform, permitting genuine real-time reporting no matter how fast the project moves.

The days of running a turn-around off a huge printed project plan are over, with plant mobile devices providing real-time updates on task progress.

Sabisu schedule analytics then report the changing schedule risk profile so you can address issues before they become show-stoppers, while Sabisu’s reports provide a continuously updated view of real, genuine project progress.

These projects are too time-critical to do things any other way.