Predictive Alarm Analytics

Advanced analytics to reduce alarm load and predict floods & cascades.

Eliminate alarm floods without risk

Alarm floods and cascades are often significant factors in catastrophic situations, reducing operator capability and disguising the true nature of an incipient incident. Sabisu analyses existing alarm data to help you eliminate bad actors and enforce good alarm practice in line with ISA SP-18 and EEMUA 191. It’s also predictive, anticipating and warning you of floods and cascades. Sabisu is non-intrusive, fast and inexpensive.

  • DCS
  • Historian
  • Custom alarm sources (e.g. pre-processed alarm databases)

Alarm Management Decision Support with Sabisu

We’ve assembled the aggregation, analysis and presentation capabilities needed for pro-active identification of alarm risks and effective support of your change control decisions.

  • Alarm aggregation & real-time analysis engine
  • Real-time, non-linear capable analytics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending with the Sabisu Workplace
  • Advanced visualisation libraries
  • Actions, advisories & workflow management
  • Collaboration through Notes & Communities

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The most important decisions need the best support

Without data, all you have is opinions. Alarm management is too important. Use Sabisu. Make the right decisions.

Improve the performance of your alarm system, anticipate alarm floods and reduce the load on operators through statistical data mining.

Get analysis of your alarm system in real-time thanks to Sabisu’s rapid calculation and analysis engine. See continually updated forecasts of short-term alarm behaviour so you can stay on top of developing situations.

Get immediate clarity thanks to advanced visualisations and reports which also allow you to easily track your current risk exposure and alarm system improvement over time.

You are in complete control; Sabisu fits your change management processes to ensure any alterations to the alarm system are properly considered and safe.

There’s no need to spend time and money building complex modelling solutions; Sabisu does this automatically without human interference. All it needs is historical data - within minutes it constructs a statistical model of your alarm system to show you redundancy and predict behaviour.

Integrate data from other process and enterprise data sources to ensure that the wider context for any decision is understood. Get a single, trustworthy set of metrics to support best practice throughout the organisation.

Sabisu's unique approach to alarm management

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Historical data is analysed to elucidate clusters of alarms that act together, providing the information needed to reduce the alarm load on plant operators.

Full Screen - Alarm Management Cluster FDG

Sabisu utilises data already stored on-site, ensuring a rapid and cost-effective solution. Not only do you get fast analysis, but also reporting that far surpasses that which is available through your DCS or other reporting platforms

Full Screen - Alarm Management FDG

Advanced visualisations such as interactive force directed graphs and adjacency matrices are used to facilitate the quick and easy identification of the most problematic clusters - and the key alarms that can be targeted to prevent them.

Full Screen - Alarm Management Dependencies 2

See the impact as incident or principle alarms are filtered out of the data. Test scenarios before you make the changes to the live system so you can be sure that the changes you’re making are risk-free.

Full Screen Alarm Management Configuration

Easily change parameters to extend search windows, relax or constrain cluster links or change dependency rules. You control the analysis, ensuring it’s appropriate for your processes.

Full Screen - SHE Reports 2

Extend the analysis to include data from other sources. Make better decisions by growing your data capture over time to build a progressively more comprehensive view of risk exposure.

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