I need a single dashboard

Sabisu Go: Fast, automated reporting for MS Excel, AspenTech IP21 and OSISoft PI.

The problem with proliferation

Right now you probably have a lot of different reports coming from a lot of different spreadsheets. It’s difficult to reconcile figures across these reports, they’re inconsistently calculated and it gets to you all via email, which makes it hard to figure out which to trust.

Data is probably sourced from MS Excel, manufacturing processes, ERP systems and more.

Sabisu Go allows you to publish your reports and their underlying data into an easy to use, enterprise grade reporting dashboard.
It solves your consistency, communication and presentation challenges.

One version of the truth

First, let’s deal with consistency.

All the data you upload is stored in the Sabisu data so you can analyse it to find the story behind it.

You can mix and match the reports on each page to tell a consistent story. Relevant data sits alongside other relevant data to support or challenge it.

Goodbye email

Second, let’s deal with communication. You now have story to tell.

Forget email, we’re going to put all your data into a single dashboard and direct everyone there. This means everyone shares the same view.

All the data is versioned – you decide who sees what.

Self-service, automatic dashboards

Third, we’re going to build an exec dashboard in a few minutes.

Sabisu automation makes this possible.

Every time you upload, Sabisu creates dashboards and KPIs automatically.

So you don’t need to create a new Excel s/sheet or database query every time you want a new dashboard report; you simply choose a template and choose the right KPI.

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