Help me reduce my reporting workload

Sabisu Go: Fast, automated reporting for MS Excel, AspenTech IP21 and OSISoft PI.

"We're drowning in MS Excel spreadsheets"

Many customers start using Go because they’re drowning in MS Excel spreadsheets.

MS Excel has become the de facto data extraction and analysis tool. It’s easy and available so it proliferates and becomes complex; it’s easy to spend more time constructing the report than people spend reading it.

Sabisu Go allows you to publish your reports and their underlying data into an easy to use, enterprise grade reporting dashboard.

It radically reduces report maintenance, communication and analysis workload.

Eliminate the overheads

We understand it’s not realistic to just dump your MS Excel spreadsheets overnight. They’re complex. They’re specific to your needs.

Firstly, let’s eliminate the communication overhead.

You’ll upload your reports to Sabisu, meaning that everyone will find your reports in one place. Sabisu automatically makes sure they’re up to date and ensures everyone can see the latest approved version.

If others need your spreadsheet source they can simply pull it down from Sabisu.

Eliminate duplication

Secondly, let’s eliminate the spreadsheets we don’t need.

Sabisu eliminates all the report versions that can’t be trusted.

You can mix and match the reports on each page to tell a consistent story. Relevant data sits alongside other relevant data to support or challenge it.  

Proper version control means less confusion, more consistency, better decisions.

Eliminate manual handling

Let’s eliminate the manual update processes.

Sabisu automatically updates your spreadsheet with the latest data when you’re not there.

Sabisu will decode your complex and related spreadsheets so you have KPIs that can be used throughout Sabisu; any dashboard, any calculation, anywhere.

Sabisu automatically builds a dashboard ready for you to share.

Sabisu finds external data sources used in your spreadsheet and integrates with them, creating calculations that mimic your spreadsheet.


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