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Choose your own adventure at Sabisu.

Life @ Sabisu

​I like our straight-to-the-point atmosphere. It's not very often we beat around the bush.

Adam H.

Sabisu is unusual in that you’ll often be asked what you want to do. At Sabisu you choose your own adventure.

James is a case in point, joining us from Teesside University as a full stack developer but wanting to specialise in UX. He’s now our UX guru.

Laura is another example, choosing the Project Management path through Prince2 Practitioner qualifications to running significant customer implementation projects.

We seem to employ a statistically unusual number of people called Adam or Dan.

DevOps & Research

It's great to be in a flexible environment that allows everyone to explore new technologies and pitch ideas.

Tim B.

Life in the DevOps & Research teams is busy but totally focused on building software product.

Most of our developers are full-stack but specialisation is welcome. Research also involves dedicated data scientists.

Technology is evolving all the time but here’s what we’re working with at the moment:

  • Knockout, Angular, Angular2, CSS3, HTML5, JS, Java (Android)
  • C# .NET, C++ .NET, Python, Spark/EMR
  • Redshift, noSQL, SQL Server
We’ve always been very close to our end-users and the DevOps team is no exception.

Customer Implementation

It's a highly collaborative environment - really allows you to express opinions and share improvement ideas


The Customer Implementation team works with customers every day – gathering requirements, quality criteria, configuring Sabisu or building out specific solutions.

The nature of the Sabisu platform is such that a portfolio of projects are in progress at any one time across a number of customers, so there’s an unusual amount of variety in the solutions we deliver.

Projects are usually run in multiple short sprints, with a high level of customer engagement. It’s an exciting place to be.

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Want to deliver solutions that surprise and delight customers?

Are you obsessed with the end-user experience; with seamless and smooth workflows?

Are you a full stack developer who loves solving tough problems with massive datasets and the latest tech?

Perhaps you’re a PM looking to get some experience with the biggest companies and capital projects on the planet?

Or maybe you just love meeting people and understanding their problems?

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