Workflow in Sabisu

Oversight & control with the flexibility complex environments need

Where knowledge meets execution

Value is downstream of insight

Role-based workflow ensures the work gets done by the right people – wherever they are.

Sabisu balances control & flexibility so that each delivery team can work in the most efficient way for their environment.

Sabisu brings all actions together in one place with progress updates, related files & links. Actions from other systems can be included too.

Workflows can be triggered in response to changing plant or project conditions to automatically initiate investigation or remedial actions without delay.

Seamless integration of mobile technology maximises time-on-tools, eliminating overheads and ensuring best practice is consistently applied.

Sabisu supports the largest field mobile implementations in oil & gas.

Workflow for Projects

Project control is exercised through workflow

Where analytics stops workflow delivers, allowing the delivery team to adapt to emerging risks and opportunities to meet unit development costs & schedule.

Workflow is a crucial aspect of advanced project controls, ensuring optimal performance of key processes including execution management, change management, value assurance and VIPs (value improving practices).

Workflows are customised to reflect project needs, triggered on demand or automatically as project risks evolve; a unified action tracking platform ensuring transparency & eliminating delays.

Execution management is a key workflow application, with mobile technology ensuring high quality field data directly updates project schedules & analytics in real-time.

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Workflow for Operations

Technology to maximise efficiency & reduce unit operating costs

Workflow underpins many of the efficiency improvements seen when Sabisu is deployed into operational environments.

Managing workload is often a key focus with reporting, forecasting and prioritisation helping optimise work package allocation and ensuring execution.

Contractors and new starters benefit from clear procedures to follow with process data delivered to the point of execution to help with safety & reducing overheads.

Information & processes are in the same place, glued together so engineers no longer spend significant time & effort finding information they need.

Sabisu delivers where it really counts; in the field where work is executed. Field mobile gives technicians real-time process data & role-based workflow so they have the information they need to hand.

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Workflow Techniques & Technology

Everything needed for managing work execution in complex industrial environments

Actions are the standard ad hoc work management tool in Sabisu. Actions are the engine which gets work done.

Processes are managed using Sabisu Flow. Workflows can be immediate or scheduled. They can have limited or broad visibility. They can run simple or complex processes.

Configurable navigation ensures solutions & processes reflect operational or organisational structures.

Sabisu Capture is an easy to use, drag and drop form editor which allows users to configure their processes without IT support.

Sabisu Applications bring together Flow processes, Capture forms, standard table views and report templates into simple solutions, configurable to meet almost any requirements.

Connectivity to the field improves data quality and response time, so all Sabisu workflows are available on field mobile devices.

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Sabisu Flow allows you to easily create processes, ensuring the right people follow the right sequence of Actions every time.

Sabisu uses the cloud to update mobile devices anywhere – from the field to the Exec team.


Actions are tracked, assigned tasks, visible to Communities with a simple workflow as standard.

Actions ensure that your business will learn, change and document how it did it.

Also available for Android mobile devices.


Sabisu Capture is where field data capture is configured, ensuring data quality and availability.

Captured data can be reported in Sabisu, or delivered into any back-end data source using Sabisu Data Objects.


Sabisu Actions are the engine which gets work done.

They allow teams to adapt to changing circumstances or specific tactical challenges:

  • Actions can be assigned to anyone – even users in other companies via the cloud.
  • Actions can be immediate or scheduled.
  • Personal, limited or Community wide visibility.
  • Simple or complex processes.
  • Actions can be generated automatically by Sabisu in response to a calculation or algorithm.
  • Mobile device app for any mobile user – project or plant based

Actions are always presented alongside relevant data so everyone is in the loop.

The Actions API allows third party applications to create and allocate tasks in Sabisu so you have all your tasks in one place.

Process configuration with Sabisu Flow

Processes allow complex tasks to be split into manageable chunks. They can be instantiated automatically by Sabisu.

For example, if Sabisu detects a potential asset failure, it can

  • send an email, desktop and mobile device Notification
  • create and allocate an inspection Action
  • create a defect in SAP
  • ensure the defect is included in tomorrow’s plant inspection routines

Through the Sabisu integration capabilities, Processes can be linked with best practice at specific points or under specific circumstances.

As Actions can be scheduled, so can Processes.

As Processes use Actions, mobile device users can keep processes moving wherever they are.

Ensure data quality & availability with Sabisu Capture

Sabisu Capture is designed to ensure compliance, data quality and availability at the detailed procedural level.

Just like the process designer Flow, it’s end-user configurable, allowing you to capture data without needing a custom application.

For example, to capture plant condition data simply define a repeating scheduled process in Flow with several Actions detailing the Capture data.

Capture will run on-premise or in the Cloud, directing data entered into any location using Sabisu Data Objects.

The device pictured on the left is a Getac z710 which is ATEX zone 2/22 and uses the Android OS.

Specify the devices appropriate for you safe in the knowledge that Sabisu workflow will be there waiting.

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