Value is downstream of insight

Workflow and Task Management to ensure the work gets done by the right people - wherever they are.


Notifications ensure that everyone is aware of the latest data, changes and assigned Actions – wherever they are.

Sabisu uses the cloud to integrate business processes across traditional enterprise boundaries.


Actions are tracked, assigned tasks, visible to Communities with a simple workflow as standard.

Actions ensure that your business will learn, change and document how it did it.


Processes allow you to ensure the right people follow the right sequence of Actions every time.

Sabisu uses the cloud to update mobile devices from the field to the Exec team.


Sabisu displays alerts on the appropriate page within the platform. If the user is on this page when the alert arrives, they will see it and can acknowledge or otherwise action it.

A notification application for Sabisu is available which brings alerts to the end-user’s desktop, ensuring they are made aware of alerts whether or not they are logged into Sabisu.

Sabisu has an email notification engine which is available as an API for use by other applications both within and outside of the Sabisu platform.

Emails are used for other key platform features, such as notifying the user that an Action has been allocated for them to complete, or that they have access to a new part of the platform.

All emails are sent with a direct link to the alert so that Sabisu opens up for the user with a relevant screen in the the platform.


The idea was simple: Sabisu provides visibility and insight, but how do you ensure someone is going to do something with it?

You create an Action:

  • Actions can be assigned to anyone – even users in other companies via the cloud.
  • Actions can be immediate or scheduled.
  • Personal, limited or Community wide visibility.
  • Simple or complex processes.
  • Actions can be generated automatically by Sabisu in response to a calculation or algorithm.
  • Actions can kick off Processes, or link them together so one process flows into the next.

They’re universal.

Actions are accessible through an API, so it’s easy for third party applications to create and allocate tasks in Sabisu so you have all your tasks in one place to make them easy to manage.

Where an Action is raised as a result of a specific diagnostic, it maintains a link back to that calculation so that users allocated the Action can quickly see why it was raised.


Processes are series of Actions linked together.

They can be instantiated automatically by Sabisu. For example, if Sabisu detects a potential asset failure, it can

  • send an email, desktop and mobile device Notification
  • provide a desktop alert
  • create and allocate an inspection action
  • create a defect in SAP
  • ensure that defect is included in tomorrow’s plant inspection routines

Through the Sabisu integration capabilities, Processes can be linked with best practice at specific points or under specific circumstances. As Actions can be scheduled, so can Processes.

Processes allow recommended actions to be linked to specific diagnostic outcomes either as individual Sabisu Actions or a series of actions in a Process.

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