Approved for use in global scale, critical projects and facilities throughout the oil & gas and petrochemicals industries.

Trust. Integrity. Transparency.

Our software reflects our organisation; totally service oriented, totally dedicated to your needs. Both in software and service, we set the standards others aspire to.

You can trust the software with your most confidential data. As you would expect, we’ll not tell you exactly what measures we take to secure your data but whether on Sabisu Cloud or on-premise, we’ll look after your data and you.

You can trust the team to deliver on time to the highest quality. When we say we’ll deliver, we will. We’re open and transparent throughout.

Safe. Secure. Resilient.

Sabisu underpins everything we do, everything our customers do and everything we’d like to do in the future. We take exceptional measures to ensure the fundamentals are right; safety, security, resilience.

  • Hybrid-cloud architecture using on-premise and private cloud servers
  • Secured at all levels using the latest SHA256 EV TSL 3.0 / SSL Certificates
  • Windows Integrated Authentication & Active Directory integration
  • Industry standard architecture
  • All data is encrypted to the highest industry standards
  • Proprietary secret techniques used throughout

Safe enough for the biggest companies in the world

With Sabisu your corporate data stays safe; none of your enterprise data is persisted outside your corporate network unless you specifically choose to upload or transfer data to make it available to partners or third parties.

Sabisu totally respects your security architecture, however it’s designed; Sabisu can deal be configured for DMZs, firewalls, proxies, threat management gateways (TMG) and/or Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) servers.

SSL Certificates prevent spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks. Sabisu also has unique, proprietary checks and encryption to ensure that users and On-Premise Servers are exactly who they say they are.

Sabisu has zero deployment costs thanks to the hybrid-cloud and web application approach and extensive use of browser and mobile clients. You can quickly and inexpensively ramp up deployment or deploy to new partners.

Designed to be easy for any IT team to maintain in-house without recourse to the Sabisu team; industry standard approaches, interfaces, databases and OS used throughout.

Extensive administrator controls are in place to allow you to limit connections or data access. Administrators can be alerted to non-compliances and risky user behaviour. Everything that happens on Sabisu is recorded and auditable.

Key architecture and security features

Security Measures

Data is protected by seven separate security measures, including limited period & access tokens, certificates, Community and Widget controls.

Security Shield

The On-Premise server is based on a standard Microsoft enterprise software stack; Windows Server, SQL Server, proprietary .NET/C# & C++ Sabisu software and non-relational databases, all secured with Windows Integrated Authentication.

Digital World

In addition to SSL/TSL certification to the highest industry standards, all communications are also encrypted using proprietary techniques, and are IP-locked to trusted servers in the network.

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Hybrid-cloud architecture means there is no data persisted outside the corporate network unless it’s specifically configured. Our On-Premise server connects to enterprise systems, authenticates users, aggregates and serves data and manages communications to the cloud servers.

Server Rack

Sabisu’s central servers are off-site, scalable on-demand, virtualised and privately owned by Sabisu. Our cloud drives centralised delivery of client and server updates and manages communications with external users and On-Premise servers.

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Sabisu performs perfectly with just an outbound standard HTTPS internet connection; indeed, access from the Internet to the enterprise Sabisu On-Premise is forbidden so your network is totally safe.