Sabisu Publisher

Easily share up-to-date Excel reports with your team.

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The all-new Sabisu Publisher

It’s easy to use and installs in seconds.

Easily share your dashboards

Create simple KPI dashboards from your spreadsheets. Share them with your team. And collaborate to make faster, better decisions.

Always up-to-date

The Sabisu Publisher automatically updates all your dashboards when you make a change in your spreadsheet.

Simple. Fast. Up to date.

Do you currently rely on Excel spreadsheets for your reports? Do you find it a challenge keeping everyone up to date with the latest information?

The all-new Sabisu Publisher for Excel takes care of it all; distribution, automatic updating, security.

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Get started in 3 simple steps

1. Select your data


Select any data in Excel for your Sabisu dashboard. Choose tables, charts or graphs.


Simply right click and publish. Your data will be waiting for you in Sabisu.


Sabisu will auto-update any time you change your spreadhseet, or only when you say so.

2. Create your dashboard

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Sabisu’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easier than ever to create dashboards that look great on screens big and small.


Subpages enable you to easily organise your dashboard into different pages. Each page is customisable.

Data store

Unlimited data storage. Upload as many charts, graphs and tables as you like.

3. Invite your team

Cross-functional involvement

Team members can upload their data and contribute to the same dashboard ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

Shared dashboards

You can share your whole dashboard or individual parts with your colleagues. You have full control over who sees which dashboards and data.


Review, respond and leave feedback directly on the dashboard. Make faster, better decisions with Sabisu and say goodbye to long email chains.

And then… relax

Sabisu dashboards are completely editable ensuring you can make that final change or add another chart.
Sabisu securely links your spreadsheet and auto-updates anytime it changes.
The validation process enables you to check your dashboard before it goes out, ensuring only the right people see the right data.


Get started today with the Sabisu Publisher

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