Intrinsically Safe Plant Mobile

Sabisu is the software platform of choice for hand held devices in top-tier COMAH sites.

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World class team

We’re unusual; we can put a team onto your site that has been there and done it.

Our implementation managers have experience integrating multiple systems including SAP, IP21, Osisoft PI and numerous DCS systems.

We’ve dealt with the change management challenges of a top-tier COMAH site. We understand how shift teams need to work day to day and how fast you need issues resolving.

So we could talk all day about technology but at some point, you have to give it to a technician.

Technology that suits your site

Sabisu is a platform for oil & gas and petrochemical sites. We understand the working environment.

So the platform is designed with you in mind; high contrast displays, night mode, a user interface built for gloved hands.

Sabisu is designed for devices with integrated RFID, bar code scanners and built-in cameras – all the things you would want your technicians to have to hand as they walk the plant.

We understand that your plant may necessarily have disconnected zones so Sabisu can run disconnected, over wifi or GSM.

All the data captured or entered is available to the Sabisu platform, which means world class real-time reporting and distribution.


Why Sabisu?

What our customers say

Sabisu has a massive, unique advantage: it’s a platform.

This means your solution is created for you. Other software simply isn’t designed for your environment or processes.

We asked our customers why they chose us. They said:

  • Integrated & flexible reporting
  • Our weekly release schedule means we can respond quickly to operational issues
  • We design & build for operational, multi-user environments rather than trying to make software designed for other purposes fit
  • Sabisu is designed for show-stopping IT challenges
    • Integration with SAP, MES, Historians
    • Android device management
  • Sabisu deals with the full spectrum of operational processes

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Help your technicians achieve more

Improve data quality immediately by eliminating double handing and bringing information directly from the field to key systems.

Integrate with your key maintenance, ERP, MES and DCS systems. Sabisu is built to bring this data together and make it useful to your technicians.

Times are challenging, margins are tight, resources are limited. Sabisu & handheld devices can streamline your workflows so you can get more done, to a higher quality.

Give the technicians in the field all the tools they need on one device; up to date process data, EHSS recording, RFID scanning, barcode reading and even a flashlight.

Give the technicians and shift managers a genuine view of maintenance progress. Raise and track defects from the field.

Your focus should be the process, not the technology. We've built a platform so you can do exactly that; the technology is proven, flexible and fast.