Unlimited potential.

Sabisu will help you build solutions, communities and killer applications.

The Power of a Platform

Cloud or on-premise, Sabisu underpins your solutions

Sabisu is a genuine platform; extensible, configurable and accessible.

From users arranging dashboards to developers building custom applications using Sabisu APIs – anyone can build a great solution using Sabisu.

Sabisu is designed to optimise the flow of data in making a decision; from data acquisition to business change.

Sabisu exposes each of these 6 stages to both end-user and developer interaction through platform features or APIs.


Designed ground up for you to extend

Sabisu’s architectural components are extensive in number and open to end-users and developers.

The two key components are Sabisu Units and Sabisu Central which work together to provide the key 6 key stages of data in decision making described above.

Sabisu Central is responsible for delivering a consistent SaaS user experience for all users whether on-premise or cloud, looking after authentication, presentation constructs and collaboration.

Sabisu Units are responsible for integration, analytics and serving data to the end user.

Sabisu Units come in three flavours:

  • Sabisu Elastic Unit, a cloud-based infrastructure with elastic compute and storage capability.
  • Sabisu Appliance, an on-premise server managed by Sabisu as it were cloud-based.
  • Sabisu on-premise Unit, an on-premise server managed by the customer.

Inside Sabisu Central

Cloud-hosted infrastructure that serves all Sabisu installations; end-users, on-premise Units and elastic cloud-hosted Units.

Central exists to provide:
  • Notification of new events and updates for all users through Push and SMTP.
  • Continuously updated HTML5 & JavaScript data visualisations.
  • Guaranteed performance through central licensing & authentication of all users and Unit installations.
  • Relevant data at all times by linking users, data requirements, authentication and collaboration data using Sabisu Communities.
  • A consistent browser-based SaaS user experience.
  • Seamless business process integration for all; colleagues, project teams, joint venture partners and consultants.
  • Remote access even when data is buried deep inside the enterprise.

Central does not persist enterprise data; data storage is handled by Sabisu Elastic Units.

Customers can keep enterprise & operational data within their corporate network using an on-premise Unit or Appliance, or store data on the cloud using Sabisu Elastic Units.

Central uses secured APIs throughout meaning your developers or partners can create applications that use Actions, Processes, Notes, Workplaces or Push.

Inside the Sabisu Unit

On-Premise, Appliance or cloud-based Elastic aggregation, analytics & storage

Sabisu Units can be on-premise or cloud-based elastic units. On-premise units differ in their elasticity, storage options and synchronisation with local enterprise & manufacturing IT services such as Active Directory and Sharepoint.

Appliance Units are on-premise Units implemented and managed remotely by Sabisu. On-premise Units are ready for insertion into your network at ISA95 level 3 or 4.

Each Unit contains:

  • Implementations of Bridge and Data Objects so as to provide direct integration with process or enterprise data, or integration through Sabisu Go.
  • Full calculation and analytical capabilities.
  • Seamless communication & data transfer with other Sabisu on-premise Units, Appliances or Elastic Units.
  • Data storage according to demand through proprietary noSQL and embedded SQL Server databases.
  • Accessible APIs so your developers can build out solutions using the Unit’s integration, analytics and collaboration capabilities.

An Azure Stack compatible Sabisu Unit is in beta.

Designed to grow

Sabisu has been designed to grow with you. Any dataset, application or user community can be accommodated. It’s a modern platform with limitless capabilities.

  • Sabisu Go allows users to quickly exploit existing Excel reports
  • Sabisu uses web service APIs widely to help integrate with existing systems
  • Sabisu Data Objects provide rapid integration options
  • Sabisu Widgets allow rapid creation of new report components
  • Architecture to support widely distributed deployments

Versatile. Open.

Sabisu's hybrid cloud architecture allows you to include third parties seamlessly into your processes; JV partners, value-chains, contractors and more.
Drive down costs, drive up efficiency.

Sabisu APIs allow easy integration with your existing systems and remain open to integration in the future. The platform is technically easy to live with.

Who knows where those nuggets of data lie? Sabisu allows you to easily connect to any system. Grow as you need to with no vendor compatibility worries – even if that data is on old DCS, historian or plant systems.

We love mobile, just like you do. That’s why Sabisu is designed for intrinsically safe mobile devices (ATEX Zone 2/22 compliant) that can be used on your project or plant.

We love tablets, just like your Exec team does. So Sabisu is also designed for you and your Exec team’s iPads.

We love big, widescreen TVs full of rolling, live data. That’s why Sabisu works so well on them and why it runs on tiny, solid state PCs you can hide away.

Built to grow

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Only Sabisu can distribute process and diagnostic data securely to equipment vendors or consultants over the internet to dramatically cut lead times.

Full Screen - Alarm Management Cluster FDG

Hook up systems quickly; ERP, DCS, historian, LIMS & legacy. Sabisu Data Objects integrate enterprise and process data to build trustworthy, accurate metrics.

Excel Data

Pull in existing MS Excel data and reports with Sabisu Go. Version control, approve them, trend the raw Excel data or incorporate it into reports from other data sources.

Full Screen - Energy Management

Sabisu’s calculation engine supports non-linear functions, modelling of physical properties, complex KPIs and even your own home-grown algorithms. Whatever it takes to get your data into useable information.

Full Screen - Getac Shipping

Sabisu delivers real-time data directly to & from ATEX certified devices. Total visibility of inventory and production limiting factors such as maintenance, inspections and asset utilisation.

Full Screen - Charts Demo

Sabisu is implemented by a world-class team; in-house and at hand to help you quickly tune Sabisu’s capabilities to your requirements, with experts in UX/UI, mathematicians and data scientists.