Unrivalled clarity & precision

Beyond static dashboards with self-service dynamic visualisations

Visualising data with Sabisu

Meeting all industrial performance monitoring requirements

Sabisu focuses on showing the truth with clarity and precision.

Relevant commentary and workflow is integrated directly into visualisations – everything you need is at your fingertips instead of you having to go looking for it.

Meetings can flow as they need to – no need to spend time preparing presentations that cover every question that might be asked.

Users maintain & extend community Workplaces while Pipelines allow new visualisations to be constructed and shared quickly.

Dynamic CSS, HTML & JavaScript libraries provide a real-time interactive environment, encouraging users to carry out investigative, ad hoc drill downs and analysis.

Project Visualisations

Strengthening project controls & providing early warning

Sabisu supports the full project lifecycle with evolving visualisations; early stages focus on scope & forecast, through increasing volumes of real-time execution data into production oriented commission & start-up pages.

Corporate standards are accommodated throughout while projects have the flexibility to implement additional visualisations suitable for their specific needs.

Traditional visualisations such as Gantt charts allow Primavera schedules to be shared with the whole delivery team whereas newer reports including risk ‘bow ties’, icicle charts & network graphs highlight trending project risks.

Project teams can access visualisations anywhere with any device; in the field, commuting to site, or meeting with contractors.

Portfolio managers see the full context of project performance and are fully prepared for EPC reviews.

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Operational Visualisations

Look beyond business intelligence to deliver real control

Sabisu offers real-time visibility across multiple processes, plants and sites, cutting through the complexity of multiple data silos, isolated processes and fragmented teams.

With an emphasis on clarity, Sabisu can easily represent precise physical asset/plant layouts to aid field work, layer data onto GIS platforms or Google Maps, or present an abstract view of operations to aid decision making.

Events or patterns recognised by machine learning algorithms are clearly highlighted. Users are alerted to related narrative, commentary or evolving tasks, all presented alongside the data to give context.

Visualisations drive analysis of every aspect of site performance.

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Visualisation Techniques & Technology

Sabisu has the technology needed for real-time visualisation of complex projects & operations

Sabisu is inspired by leading data visualisation theory and practice, delivered in HTML5 to your browser, widescreen TV, tablet or intrinsically safe mobile device.

Sabisu visualisations work on any modern browser as they’re constructed from open standards compliant dynamic CSS, HTML & JavaScript libraries, including Knockout, Bootstrap, D3 & SVG.

Specific components such as Sabisu Datatables & Charts are proprietary extensions of these libraries.

End-users can quickly use existing components to build new visualisations from existing components and libraries.

The platform also allows developers to extend existing libraries to build new visualisation components very quickly which can then be made available to selected users.

Visualisations are organised into Workplaces and Pages, secured using Communities administered by end-users rather than IT teams.

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