Visualisation in Sabisu

Go beyond static dashboards with self-service visualisations, analytics & workflow.

Your data. Your way.

Sabisu identifies trends, clusters and causality hidden in the massive quantities of data typical of oil & gas operations or projects.

These are communicated through superb visualisations easily configured by anyone using Sabisu Pipelines.

Sabisu is inspired by leading data visualisation theory and practice, delivered in HTML5 to your browser, widescreen TV, tablet or intrinsically safe mobile device.

Precision & clarity at your fingertips

Sabisu brings together the very latest dynamic CSS, HTML & JavaScript libraries to extract genuinely profitable insights from your data – wherever it is, whatever it is.

  • Sabisu Workplaces – infinitely scalable & secure areas for you to categorise your visualisations
  • Advanced visualisations using the latest technology
  • Massive data aggregation capability using ‘big data’ technology
  • Real-time, non-linear calculation & analytics engines
  • In-house mathematicians & data scientists to tune Sabisu’s capabilities to your requirements

Without data all you have is an opinion

Identify matching trends hidden in massive quantities of data generated by manufacturing systems.

Exactly the visualisations you need to support decision making throughout the organisation.

Analysis is performed instantly, in real-time, even on very large datasets; you’ll never sit around waiting for a batch job to run. Less waiting, more doing.

Without data all you have is an opinion. Get the data and share it instantly to involve your teams whilst always looking at a trusted, single-sourced view of the truth.

Sabisu’s non-linear analytics engine can turn even the most complex physical data into useable trends or KPIs, or calculates and prioritise by financial impact.

Who knows where those nuggets of data lie? Sabisu allows you to easily connect to any system. Grow as you need to with no vendor compatibility worries.

Visualisation as it should be

Full Screen - Charts Demo

Advanced visualisations including complex charts, heat maps, force directed graphs, mathematics rendering libraries, .NET charts and third party charts such as Google Charts.

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Sabisu visualisations use the latest standardised technology to deliver visualisations inspired by the foremost experts in the field including David McCandless and Edward Tufte.

Full Screen - Programme Management

World-class integration capability needs a world-class user experience; the Workplace provides exactly that. Build the dashboards, drill-downs and applications you need through simple, quick configuration.

Full Screen - Energy Management

Sabisu’s calculation engine supports non-linear functions, modelling of physical properties, complex KPIs and even your own home-grown algorithms. Whatever it takes to get your data into useable information.

Full Screen - Getac Shipping

Take your view of the world where you need it; to the plant, to project or operational meetings. Sabisu supports distribution and workflow on iPads and robust, intrinsically safe devices.

Full Screen - Production KPIs

Great software needs superb service. All Sabisu resource is in-house and at hand to help you quickly tune Sabisu’s capabilities to your requirements, with experts in UX/UI, configuration, development, or mathematicians and data scientists.