Data-centred collaboration

Connecting commentary & best practice to data

Integrating knowledge into your data

Providing help exactly where it’s needed

Sabisu pivots commentary and best practice around your data; questions, answers, improvement suggestions and observations are exactly where you need them.

Everything is in one place and searchable so users don’t waste lots of time trying to find information. Sabisu will tell you when when Actions or Notes are updated or replied to.

Semantic analysis extracts quantitative data from comments & notes, highlighting potential issues that might otherwise be missed.

New starters get the help they need provided in the context of the data they’re dealing with. It speeds up onboarding, integrating them into the team and getting them productive faster.

Perhaps best of all is that every user now has a forum for questions and observations. A Sabisu user can always get help.

Collaboration for Projects

Faster & more relevant communication throughout the extended delivery team

Sabisu attaches real-time narrative to key project data such as cost, schedule & trending risks to build the whole picture.

As the data evolves so does the narrative. It can be turned into actions, escalated or used to drive key stakeholder reports & presentations without any manual effort.

Feedback from the field during execution is direct and focused, attached to the relevant data automatically so that reports always show evolving work progress. Accuracy is improved. Decisions are informed.

Sabisu Communities ensure everyone in the delivery team is kept informed and actions are progressed to completion. All project actions and notes are there so it’s easy to track Action progress across stakeholders, extended delivery teams or joint venture partners.

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Collaboration for Operations

Sharing expertise so everyone gets the help they need

Sabisu puts everything in one place – even commentary, questions and observations from all levels including field mobile devices.

Shift logs and production reports are prepared automatically for approval from existing commentary. There’s no need to go looking for commentary or copy/pasting it.

Where analytics highlight events users can add observations and analysis building up process expertise that can be searched or shared.

When Advisories are triggered by asset behaviour, analytics or metrics, Sabisu allows easy tracking of escalations – the full history is clear without having to manually assemble it.

Collaboration helps identify opportunities for optimisation and helps experts get the credit they deserve. Communities ensure that everyone with an interest is up to date & can contribute.

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Collaboration Techniques & Technology

Everything needed for real-time collaboration in complex industrial environments

User communities underpin collaboration in Sabisu, ensuring relevant information is distributed to the right people.

Communities can extend beyond organisations to encompass the extended delivery team; contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, stakeholders and partners. Data owners decide on the appropriate level of exposure to such users.

Communities are not necessarily aligned to organisation chart or IT infrastructure such as Active Directory. They can be created to address a temporary initiative, or reflect a permanent organisation structure.

Sabisu Notes are used throughout the platform to attach commentary to relevant data points or actions so that the full history can be seen immediately.

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