Sharing & Curation

Sabisu connects like minded users with similar interests and common objectives.
Welcome to Sabisu Communities.

Connecting people and data

Sabisu user communities connect people with common interests, mirroring the way data is most efficiently distributed across an organisation or joint venture. It’s the best way to propagate best practice and share expertise.

No other enterprise social network pivots around the key conversation: your data.

Sharing data using Sabisu

Sabisu builds the org chart everyone forgets: who’s interested in what. Sabisu connects like-minded users with similar interests using these components.

  • Sabisu Communities control access to data and collaboration
  • Sabisu Workplace delivers advanced visualisation
  • Sabisu Widgets permit instant, on-demand sharing
  • Sabisu Mobile ensures rapid distribution of data
  • Sabisu Publisher allows users to quickly exploit existing Excel reports

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Your people are your business

Sabisu ensures everyone in a community sees the same view of their projects or processes, with convenient collaboration tools designed to promote the pooling of knowledge across sites, organisations or joint ventures.

Unlike conventional social networks, Sabisu Communities show remarkable benefits with any number of users because they’re purposed; they’re aligned to business data, functions and initiatives.

A single, trustworthy version of the truth is pointless if no-one uses it. Communities bring users back again and again; new data, page updates, collaboration. Everything is relevant all the time.

User Communities are administered by users. They own the data and curate it for their peers, ensuring relevancy, trust and engagement.

Communities represent the organisation chart everyone forgot to draw: who’s interested in what. Like-minded users stick together, producing the best insights, best practice and best decisions.

Make sure your Exec team only see approved data. Communities allow you to hold dashboards in draft while you work to get them right.

User Communities in Sabisu

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Communities limit social overload and promote the wisdom of crowds. Get the benefit of everyone’s expertise and define emerging best practice while maintaining only one connection - to the community.

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Users nominate data as relevant to a community, filtering out all the irrelevant data and ensuring the timeline remains useful. This is curation, the ultimate method of organising enterprise data. Sabisu makes it happen.

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A community can’t function if the data is in question. With Sabisu everyone sees the same, trustworthy data through a personal perspective. This is a truly enterprise social environment.

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Expertise can be anywhere in your organisation - that’s why a high quality network is more important than a large network. You’ll see benefit even on a small-scale pilot, yet you can deploy globally when ready.

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Sabisu was designed around User Communities from the start. They’re an integral part of the platform which makes them easy to use, ensuring everyone who should be involved is.

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Communities extend outside your organisation to include your joint venture partners, consultants or vendors. Sabisu has the tried and tested architecture to include these user communities into your workflows seamlessly.