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Capturing knowledge & making it available where it counts

Sabisu makes sure your knowledge & expertise delivers lasting and valuable change.

It’s easy to capture commentary, emerging best practice and guidance with in-line Notes & Actions which appear alongside the relevant data anywhere it’s used in the platform. Users can always see what they need.

Updates are aggregated and promoted to create management reports, or for inclusion in expertise libraries.

Expertise is encoded into Sabisu Pipelines so that guidance can be offered in response to evolving project or plant conditions. Sabisu Advisories can be escalated automatically or manually ensuring mitigation or remedial actions are always completed.

Standardised forms, reports and processes help expedite implementation, while customisation allows teams to optimise processes to suit their environment.

Knowledge Management for Projects

Integrating expertise & competency into project delivery

Sabisu uniquely integrates knowledge management into project delivery.

Rolling up narrative captured in day to day project delivery is the most efficient way of gathering and sharing knowledge. Presenting knowledge alongside data means users don’t spend many hours constructing monthly reports or presentations that cover every possible query.

Often lessons learned are not applied to future projects. Sabisu ensures they are, gathering lessons into an Expertise Catalogue and updating project reference models used in forecasting & early stage estimation.

Encoding lessons learned and recommendations into Sabisu Advisories means appropriate guidance is automatically offered to teams or executives in response to project events.

Combining this expertise with Sabisu architecture supports centralised project services, controls & competency centres.

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Knowledge Management for Operations

Actively seeking and using domain expertise to improve operations

Sabisu allows you to apply your expertise & competency so that teams can adapt to changing plant and process conditions.

Process engineers define optimum operating conditions in Sabisu Pipelines so analytics can keep a continual watch on the process, advising technicians and operators as conditions change.

Similarly, reliability engineer knowledge is used to ensure critical asset monitoring returns high quality results, avoiding the false positives generated by traditional predictive analytics.

Field mobile provides high quality data from technicians, including observations and rich media; annotated photos, videos and audio. This is particularly useful during audits, inspections or maintenance processes.

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Knowledge Management Techniques & Technology

Everything needed for managing knowledge in complex industrial environments

Sabisu uniquely integrates knowledge management into delivery with Notes and Advisories supported by Pipelines, Actions, Capture and Flow.

Actions, Capture and Flow determine workflows in use and as such are an integral part of documenting knowledge and ensuring it’s actively applied. Seamless platform integration ensures relevant knowledge is always right where you need it.

Notes allows users to capture knowledge anywhere in the platform; against data points, Actions and processes. It’s a unified interface for asking questions, documenting context and recording outcomes.

Pipelines allow process or project experts to encode their expertise into analytics and metrics which drive visualisations and Advisories. Expertise is always applied to the current situation, with focused advice delivered automatically when it’s needed.

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Best practice delivered just when you need it

Sabisu can deliver advisories or recommended actions to decision makers at all levels; Operators to Execs, Project Controls to Project Directors.

Driven by algorithms and calculations, advisories or recommended actions can be displayed pre/post acknowledgement of a system alert, or in response to a KPI moving outside a prescribed envelope.

End-users own the key components of the system; the diagnostic calculations, reasons and escalation path to other tiers in the organisation. Existing diagnostic calculations and advisories can be imported.

Similarly the best practice recommended action made available to the user when a diagnostic is non-compliant is defined by appropriate subject matter experts, e.g., process engineers.



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Universal knowledge capture

Sabisu Notes are a unified way of capturing context around decisions; commentary, operational constraints, thoughts, experiences.

Notes encourages users to:

  • Annotate anywhere; data points, Widgets, Pages, Communities.
  • Engage in 1:1, or, where configured, Community-wide real-time chat.
  • Develop threaded conversations around data points or trends to explore each other’s experience and insights.
  • Get involved, with notifications of relevant conversations as they develop.

All annotations related to widgets on a page, or the Community which ‘owns’ the page, are aggregated in a single, easily accessible and obvious place.

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