Change the future

By capturing context, lessons learned and knowledge, Sabisu makes sure you deliver lasting and valuable change.


Sabisu allows you to capture key knowledge and context through Notes; a unified interface for entering thoughts and comments against data points.


Sabisu ensures that decisions are informed by best practices through Advisories; focused advice delivered automatically when it’s needed.


Where knowledge lives.

Sabisu Notes are a unified way of capturing context around decisions; commentary, operational constraints, thoughts, experiences.

Notes encourages users to:

  • Annotate any object in Sabisu; data points, Widgets, Pages, Communities.
  • Engage in 1:1, or, where configured, Community-wide real-time chat.
  • Develop threaded conversations around data points or trends to explore each other’s experience and insights.
  • Get involved, with notifications of relevant conversations as they develop.

All annotations related to widgets on a page, or the Community which ‘owns’ the page, are aggregated in a single, easily accessible and obvious place.


Best practice delivered just when you need it.

Sabisu can deliver advisories or recommended actions to decision makers at all levels; Operators to Execs, Project Controls to Project Directors.

Driven by algorithms and calculations, advisories or recommended actions can be displayed pre/post acknowledgement of a system alert, or in response to a KPI moving outside a prescribed envelope.

End-users own the key components of the system; the diagnostic calculations, reasons and recommended actions. Existing diagnostic calculations and advisories can be imported.

Similarly the best practice recommended action made available to the user when a diagnostic is non-compliant is defined by appropriate subject matter experts, e.g., process engineers.



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Asset Failure Prediction

Sabisu analytics allow you to identify asset failures before they happen, changing your processes to eliminate unnecessary inspection & maintenance regimes and time consuming, expensive manual monitoring of asset performance.

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Capital Projects

Sabisu calculation engines provide accurate project KPIs and allow you to capture lessons learned and decision context throughout the project. All notes are kept in-line, against the key data points so that you can easily find and replay key decisions.

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Site & Production KPIs

Sabisu calculation engines generate KPIs automatically from the multiple systems that keep your site safe and productive. Through annotating key points, sharing data and documenting impacts you can build a comprehensive and valuable knowledge base for future use.

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