Sabisu Analytics

From simple calculations to complex n-dimensional mathematics.
Sabisu is a powerful analytics platform.

Calculation Engine

Exceptionally easy to use.

Exceptionally fast.

Our basic calc engine will crunch most of the KPIs needed by most users.

In real-time.

Advanced Engine

For those requiring more complex statistical analysis we have our Advanced engine.

Ideal for non-linear equations or modelling physical properties, for calling external libraries or custom configurations.

Dedicated Analytics

Mathematicians and data scientists have a dedicated analytics environment where they can leverage Hadoop/EMR/Spark, Python and C++, with end users interacting through specific visualisations and interfaces.

It’s highly distributed with exceptional performance.

Basic Calculation Engine

The basic Sabisu Calculation Engine is fast, simple and easy enough for anyone to define linear calculations using process data.

For example, calculating methane production losses is simple; add the tags for the mass flow meters, define high/low limits and calculate the value of the product flared. It’s amazing how useful this simple engine can be.

Key features:

  • Choose tags and fields from any data source
  • Manage and version control calculations centrally
  • Create unlimited dependencies between calculations
  • Arrange calculations in hierarchies
  • Set alerts and require acknowledgements for non-conformant parameters
  • Reuse calculations anywhere in the Sabisu platform, e.g., in dashboards
  • Provide notes for users depending on parameter performance
  • Write calculation results to any target database or historian, e.g., Aspentech IP21, OSISoft PI.

Both simple & advanced calculation engines use the same easy to use UI. The idea is that customers can build, test and version control their own calculations.

Advanced Calculation Engine

Sabisu’s Advanced Calculation Engine allows more advanced statistical techniques to be used or values to be passed to external calculation libraries.

Users can configure multiple calculations for a diagnostic parameter (or ‘rule’) and configure pre and post-trigger conditions to be specified, i.e., the display of certain documentation or links when a specific diagnostic failure has been experienced.

  • Support for complex hierarchies of calculations
  • Calculations can be hidden from certain user groups either for security or clarity reasons
  • Configure multiple calculations for a diagnostic parameter (or ‘rule’)
  • Configure pre and post-trigger conditions to be specified, i.e., the display of certain documentation or links when a specific diagnostic failure has been experienced.

The Advanced Calculation Engine is useful where non-linear calculations can be carried out, e.g., calculating optimum compressor performance using process data and steam enthalpy/entropy and so on.

Dedicated Analytics

Sabisu offers a range of dedicated, predictive and non-predictive analytics through our a complex numerical algorithm development environment using C++ and Spark/Hadoop. The only end-user interaction is through specific visualisations such as the Alarm Analytics or Asset Failure Prediction views.

Where simple & advanced calculations happen on the On Premise, the dedicated analytics engine tends to be computationally intensive so usually sits on a different platform (often a virtual machine).

Sabisu can base the dedicated analytics engine on-premise or in the cloud as required.


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