Technology that loves complexity

Sabisu is the world's first and only digital workspace for industrial environments

State of the art software to accelerate your journey

Sabisu assembles the key components you need to manage complex environments

Sabisu helps you manage complexity by integrating people, data and processes to provide a seamless flow of work and information.

No other software platform is designed to address the root causes of under-performance in complex industrial environments.

Sabisu is a digital workspace for provisioning solutions which eliminate fragmentation, producing more efficient business processes driven by analytics.

Unlike BI solutions Sabisu integrates data, people and processes to give genuine control in complex environments.

Each solution uses the Sabisu 6-stage pipeline; a model of data flow from acquisition through analytics to work execution, capturing commentary and best practice throughout.

Data Aggregation & Integration

All your data is in play - wherever & whatever it is

Sabisu aggregates all industrial and enterprise data, no matter how distributed your sites or difficult your data.

Sabisu Bridge offers secure, reliable data backhaul from remote sites even over low bandwidth connections.

Sabisu Go automates uploading and processing of MS Excel data, integrating with MS PowerPoint to make presentations easy to maintain.

Sabisu Data Objects (SDOs) take care of connection, security and performance complexities so users & developers can focus on the data. Switching data sources is easy.

By aggregating raw data instead of simply rolling up other metrics, Sabisu offers versatile analytics and on-demand drill-down.

Sabisu integrates vendor, EPC & sub-contractor data into analytics, visualisations and predictive models to improve accuracy.

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From simple statistics to deep learning

Sabisu uses deep learning & statistical techniques to provide state of the art monitoring and automatically initiate workflows.

With a focus on analytics which are useful in many different environments, every user will find relevant analytics in the Sabisu libraries. Third party analytics can be added if required.

Sabisu analytics provide for all site, project & portfolio performance analysis requirements.

Sabisu is unique in using deep learning and statistical algorithms in both asset operation and project domains, maintaining reference models (‘digital twins’) which predict behaviour, provide early warning and detect trending risks.

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Unrivalled clarity & precision for complex environments

Unlike BI solutions, Sabisu focuses on showing the truth with clarity and precision rather than aesthetics.

Sabisu Workplaces provide a user-administered, configurable, community-focused UI where end-users can maintain & extend solutions.

Dynamic CSS, HTML & JavaScript libraries provide interactivity and Sabisu Pipelines allow new visualisations to be constructed and shared quickly by any user.

By aggregating raw data rather than rolling up metrics Sabisu allows ad-hoc drill-downs and analysis flexibility. All related commentary, narrative or workflow is integrated directly into every relevant visualisation to capture context and identify emerging best practice.

It’s impossible to miss an update.

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Capture & share commentary & emerging best practice

Unlike other applications Sabisu pivots collaboration around your data. Sabisu connects like minded users with similar interests.

Sabisu ensures everyone sees one version of the truth; an integrated view of data, analytics, commentary and workflow. This makes collaboration work.

Joint interests drive efficient distribution of information across an organisation or joint venture. Connecting commentary & best practice to data ensures best practice & expertise is propagated with data across sites, processes or organisations.

Like-minded users stick together, producing the best insights, best practice and best decisions.

Sabisu allows teams to adapt to threats or opportunities. By adding commentary, sharing data/analytics and responding to events, users define a solution that is efficient and well adapted to their needs.

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Oversight & control with the flexibility complex environments need

Control is exercised through workflow, customised to your needs; a unified action tracking platform ensuring transparency & eliminating delays.

Workflows are flexible; immediate or scheduled, simple or complex with integrated process/enterprise data.

Workflows can be initiated automatically by analytics or events, e.g., when asset behaviour suggests investigation is required, or time-on-tools analysis suggests resource availability requires review.

Intrinsically safe Android devices allow role-based workflows to be deployed to the field, with data flowing back in real-time to update schedules, reports or analytics. Sites do not need wifi or cellular coverage.

Workflows integrate people & data. Sabisu ensures that updates are connected to data and analytics so that everyone sees an integrated view.

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Change the future

Encode expertise into your processes & analytics

Sabisu is a platform for continuous improvement.

Capturing context, lessons learned and knowledge alongside the relevant data and events makes it easy for experts to identify and share best practice.

Advanced analytics help identify hidden best practice. Events are highlighted & locked into machine learning models and expertise libraries to guide future actions.

Driven by analytics or workflow, Sabisu Advisories deliver best practice as events occur, ‘nudging’ users towards appropriate actions which result in outcomes aligned to strategic objectives such as schedule efficiency or reduced energy costs.

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