Make better decisions & make them stick

Cloud or on-premise analytics & workflow for pro-active, predictive execution management.

Trusted data & agile execution

Sabisu ensures decisions and actions are focused on your desired outcomes

Sabisu is a platform for the whole flow from IT/OT integration, decision support analytics to role-based workflow.

Sabisu is a platform to so you can adapt solutions to changing competitive, regulatory or business conditions quickly.

Sabisu puts your data & knowledge where it needs to be, solving issues with data quality and poor data flow.

Role-based workflow allows teams to adapt to deal with change and exploit opportunities.

Every view trustworthy. Every action aligned to an outcome.

Deliver on your commitments

Everything you need to do the right things & do them right


Sabisu aggregates data from any industrial or enterprise data source.

You can even automate MS Excel based reporting.


Sabisu’s C++ & Spark/Hadoop calculation engines are the heart of it’s analytics capabilities; from simple linear calculations through to complex n-dimensional analytics.


Beyond dashboards; prioritisation and visualisations which bring clarity and context.

Embrace easily configured, dynamic views suited to your data & your mobile device.

Sharing & Curation

Sabisu is designed to connect like-minded users with data they can trust.

It’s the best way to propagate best practice and share expertise.


Workflow & Actions

How Sabisu gets the messages to the right people.

How you make sure the work is done right.

Change the future

Capturing knowledge and getting it to the right people.

Sabisu has the tools for continuous improvement.



Sabisu is an aggregation platform for all industrial and enterprise data, no matter how distributed your sites or difficult your data.

From web services APIs to OPC, SAP, AspenTech IP21, OSISoft PI, Primavera, Sharepoint, even Lotus Notes; the chances are we’ve worked with it already.

For low bandwidth data backhaul from remote sites Sabisu Bridge offers a secure, reliable solution.

Heavily dependent on MS Excel?

Sabisu Go is the tool for you; more than just a plug-in for MS Excel, it automates updates and makes sharing easy, even processing the data for ready for analysis.

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Sabisu’s analytics capability is underpinned by three calculation engines:

  • Basic calculation engine; very useful, very fast & very easy to use for any user.
  • Advanced calculation engine; for advanced statistical techniques or using external calculation libraries (C++, Python).
  • Dedicated analytics; for mathematicians & data scientists, with end users interacting through specific visualisations and interfaces (C++, Python, Spark/Hadoop).

Most users focus on simple linear calculations which require the basic calculation engine with the focus very much on end-user accessibility; on allowing you to implement & maintain the calculations you need.

No other platform offers such comprehensive calculation capabilities on such a range of data.

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Sabisu offers visualisations of unrivalled clarity and precision delivered through a user-administered, configurable, community-focused interface – the Sabisu Workplace.

This is a genuine platform; you own the solution, even if we help you build it.

Sabisu visualisations include our own dynamic CSS, HTML & JavaScript libraries. The platform allows us to build new visualisations very quickly, which we can then include in our standard libraries so as to benefit all users.

Sabisu brings together the very latest technology to extract genuinely profitable insights from your data – wherever it is, whatever it is.

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Sharing & Curation

Sabisu connects like minded users with similar interests and a common objective; it’s the org chart everyone forgets.

Users curate relevant data, nominating, filtering and highlighting it to ensuring the timeline is useful. Curation is the 21st century method of organising enterprise data.

Sabisu adds first class collaboration with real-time streaming updates and chat, pivoting always around the fulcrum other solutions lack: the data.

Sabisu doesn’t just make collaboration happen. It makes it work.


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Workflow & Task Management

Sabisu does more than provide visibility and insight; it ensures your business is going to benefit.

Sabisu does this with Actions.

Actions can be immediate or scheduled. They can have limited or broad visibility. They can run simple or complex processes. They’re universal.

They can be chained together into processes and initiated by production or project events.

Actions use the Sabisu Notifications feature extensively, which pushes updates to any device, from instant notification of increased risk to weekly reports.

Together, they make Sabisu a force for positive change in your business.



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Change the future

Decisions involve considerations, debates and context – often lost as soon as the next challenge arises.

Sabisu captures all of this in Notes.

That’s one way in which Sabisu changes the future of your organisation. It ensures past decisions can be fully understood and future decisions are better informed. Mistakes are never repeated.

Sabisu also responds to developing situations with Advisories. Taking into account the user and situational context, Sabisu will propose appropriate recovery or remedial action using your process expertise.

Sabisu is a platform for continuous improvement; an investment in changing your organisation for the better.

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Key Platform Features

Other platform capabilities which you may like to know about.


Architecture & APIs

Sabisu has been desigend as an extensible, scalable platform.

It's designed for highly distributed environments and can support an on-premise, SaaS or hybrid-cloud deployment.

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Sabisu Cloud is highly secure and approved for use in global scale, critical projects and facilities throughout the oil & gas and petrochemicals industries.

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MS Excel

MS Excel Integration

Heavily reliant on MS Excel? Lots of calculations and data locked up in spreadsheets?

Sabisu Go will manage, automatically update, version control and historise your data so you can trend it.

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