Operational agility

Early warning to keep your site safe and productive.
Workflow to deal with threats and opportunities.

Collect, process & prioritise in real-time

Predictive analytics. Mobile workforce. Role-based workflow.

Sabisu is IT/OT convergence in action, using all your process and enterprise data to show you emerging risks, opportunities and constraints in your processes. Typical data sources include:

  • Historians (e.g., OSISoft PI, AspenTech IP.21, Honeywell Uniformance & others)
  • DCS (e.g., Honeywell Experion, Emerson DeltaV & others)
  • ERP (e.g., SAP & others)
  • Microsoft Office

Sabisu Units can run on-premise or in the Sabisu Cloud depending on your compute and storage requirements.

Sabisu Plant Mobile means users anywhere can have seamless collaboration, real-time updates & integrated workflows.

Conformance Monitoring with Sabisu

Process quality & performance indicators with integrated analytics

Conformance monitoring in complex manufacturing, petrochemical or downstream oil & gas processes can make massive differences in terms of quality and cost.

Sabisu provides powerful, fast analytics analytics packaged so anyone can get all the benefits with zero training.

All the key aggregation, collaboration and calculation capabilities needed for real-time decision support are here.

  • Sabisu Workplace and interactive Charts for visualisation and interrogation of your data
  • Shika historian for rapid calculation access
  • Real-time analytics and calculation engines
  • Sabisu Data Objects for versatile integration with all your key data sources
  • Sabisu Cloud for the unlimited scalability through elastic compute and storage

Best of all: Sabisu is ready to go out of the box, as a SaaS solution.

No training required. No lengthy implementation. Plug Sabisu into your historian and go.

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Operations Solutions

Your problems solved with our easy to configure platform

Asset Failure Prediction

Advanced process data analytics to identify under-performing assets and predict failures.

Plant Mobile

Sabisu deploys to intrinsically safe mobile devices; it’s the platform of choice in top-tier COMAH sites.

Energy Analytics

Advanced analytics for energy consumption analysis, compliance reporting and predictive assessment.

Alarm Analytics

Advanced analytics to reduce alarm load and predict floods & cascades in line with ISA SP-18 and EEMUA 191.

EHS Compliance

Build a true picture of compliance across even the most complex processes, from data capture to real-time reporting using process data.


From intrinsically safe mobile devices on the front line to complex management analytics, Sabisu will drive down costs and drive more efficiency.

Prioritise production issues

Smart analytics & mobile devices are the 21st century answer to managing complex production environments.

Eliminate lost production events such as trips, well outages, inventory constraints, with leading indicators and predictive algorithms.

Drive more profit from your assets by delivering a real-time view of lost profit derived from thousands of process parameters.

Hook mobile devices, process data and predictive analytics directly into maintenance processes to minimise effects of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Drive your priorities into the control room; energy management, availability, rate & yield, or whatever’s important to you right now.

Align priorities throughout the organisation; operators, shift management, engineering & others seeing the same data, at the same time on the same platform - even when they're mobile.

The typical ROI for a limited $12k evaluation on a mid-size steam cracker is $16m; for a full install it can be $100m year on year.

How Sabisu helps

Full Screen - Jidoka - Full

Sabisu automatically prioritises by the most significant non-conformances. Operators run Sabisu alongside DCS, APC and Historian screens to assist them in making the most economic decision.

Full Screen - Jidoka

Sabisu delivers real-time views of savings and profit opportunities. All data is trended so you know exactly how much each process change - or each shift - is contributing.

Full Screen - Action Comments

Sabisu delivers best practice to operators right when they need it; as soon as a process parameter moves out of its ideal operating window. Built in collaboration and action tracking ensures remedial actions aren’t missed.

Screenshot - Energy Management - Refinery

Sabisu integrates enterprise and process data including SAP, DCS and Historians to build trustworthy, accurate metrics to support your decisions.

Full Screen - SHE Reports 1

Mandatory emissions reporting & management such as EU-ETS & CCL is easy with Sabisu. By using Sabisu to prioritise plant efficiency you can ensure compliance with no manual reporting overhead.

Full Screen - Leak Detection

Rely on a third party to capture your emissions data? Using Sabisu you can deliver data directly and securely into your enterprise systems.

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