Efficient & Effective Logistics Management

From intrinsically safe mobile devices on the front line to complex management analytics, Sabisu will drive down costs and drive more efficiency.

Seamless capture and reporting

A high quality flow of reliable information is essential to the smooth running of any supply-chain. Wherever your data is, Sabisu can get to it. And wherever it needs to go, Sabisu will get it there – securely.

  • Production planning & ERP (SAP)
  • Operations (DCS, Process Historian)
  • Third party access (Vendors, Outsourced services)
  • Contractors, EPCs and EPCICs
  • Sabisu for intrinsically safe mobile devices

Logistics Decision Support with Sabisu

We’ve assembled the key capture, aggregation and collaboration capabilities needed for effective and cost-efficient logistics management.

  • Sabisu Mobile for ATEX Zone 2/22 Devices
  • Real-time, non-linear capable statistics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending
  • Sabisu Cloud for Partner Access
  • Sabisu Workplace
  • Sabisu Forms

Welcome to the 21st Century Supply Chain

Seamlessly include your whole value-chain to create genuine partnerships. Drive down costs, drive up efficiency. Sabisu has a unique architecture designed to make this happen.

Don’t make important decisions on flawed data; get a single, trustworthy set of up to date metrics to support management decisions.

Use Sabisu on intrinsically safe mobile devices to capture accurate, timely logistics data from anywhere in your supply-chain, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time to optimally utilise your assets.

Sabisu Publisher makes it easy to start with existing data you may already have in Excel. Then grow your data capture to build a progressively more comprehensive view of your supply-chain operation.

Increase asset availability by effectively scheduling maintenance and inspections to mirror production plans, or re-routing product/feed through alternative assets. Optimise inventory according to production planning constraints.

Give your teams the technology and information to reduce or minimise the effect of production schedule revisions and target inventory or asset availability constraints.

Capture best practice knowledge and make it available when operators, shift managers or site management really need it – wherever they are.

Logistics: How Sabisu does it

Full Screen - Getac Shipping

Sabisu delivers real-time data directly from ATEX Zone 2/22 certified devices on the front line. Get total visibility of inventory and production limiting factors such as maintenance and inspections. Get immediate visibility of asset utilisation and incipient problems.

Full Screen - Leak Detection

Sabisu is a flexible platform; use it for any logistics requirement, from complex ship pre-loading audits with custom workflows, to simple assessments and inspections.

Full Screen - Production KPIs

Give Exec teams what they want: summary KPIs with easy to use drill downs, with no manual processing overhead and with guaranteed up to date data. Coming soon to your Procurement Director’s iPad.

Full Screen - Energy Management

Sabisu makes it easy to get keep everyone aware of current performance and priorities; simply share a dashboard and Sabisu looks after all aspects of secure data distribution. Get everyone in your organisation on the same page.

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Make better decisions by growing your data capture over time to build a progressively more comprehensive view of supply-chain performance. Extend the analysis to include alarms, process, enterprise or legacy data.

Full Screen - Jidoka - Full

Every site is different. Sabisu user communities help you customise what you, your team or your Exec team is presented with. Your analysis and site expertise can be applied to ensure the right reports get to the right people.