Asset Failure Prediction

Advanced process data analytics to identify underperforming assets and predict failures.

Pro-active, predictive maintenance and asset risk assessment

Assets don’t always perform as expected but you can’t walk the plant all day, looking for that tell-tale sign of impending failure.

Sabisu’s algorithms will do that for you, monitoring an unlimited amount of industrial process data to provide early warning of asset failure and increased risk of asset failure.

This allows you to eliminate unnecessary inspection & maintenance regimes and time consuming, expensive manual monitoring of asset performance. You can also baseline our algorithms with optimum operating conditions or ‘golden batches’.

  • All historians, including OsiSoft PI & Aspentech IP.21
  • Custom process data sources
  • Control systems; DCS, APC etc.
  • Enterprise systems, e.g., SAP

An integrated approach

We’ve assembled the aggregation, predictive analytics and visualisation capabilities needed for pro-active identification of asset risks and and process inefficiencies.

  • ‘Plug-and-play’ aggregation engine
  • Real-time, non-linear capable analytics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending with the Sabisu Workplace
  • Advanced visualisation libraries
  • Actions, task management & workflow
  • Collaboration through Notes and Communities
  • Relevant best practice, recommendations and advisories

Failure mode prediction through data mining

Predictive analytics allow you to tune your maintenance and inspection regimes to eliminate unnecessary asset down time, effort and cost.

Sabisu’s real-time risk assessment permits pro-active maintenance decisions; as soon as anomalous behaviour is reported you can make the decision; run to failure, inspect, repair or change operating conditions.

Eliminate expensive, selective and time consuming manual monitoring of asset performance by process engineers or operators; let Sabisu’s algorithms monitor and adapt to changing operating conditions.

Using data from your historian eliminates inconsistent reporting from different data sources or Excel spreadsheets, improving information quality and flow. Get a single, trustworthy set of metrics to be shared.

Exploit your historian to compare current asset performance to a theoretical optimum, baselined best or ‘golden batch’. Visualisations can be customised easily to help process engineers or operators make smart decisions.

Sabisu can be the ‘expert system’ you need, delivering the right advice right when it’s needed; as soon as a process becomes ‘at risk’. Built in collaboration and action tracking ensures remedial actions aren’t missed.

Advanced analytics with Sabisu

Screenshot - Energy Management - Refinery

Sabisu has three levels of algorithms; simple linear, complex statistical and dedicated analytics. All are available and all can be built or tuned by you and your team; it’s your solution.

Screenshot - Alarm Management

Sabisu uses an ever growing library of algorithms to assess risk for a wide variety of possible asset types. Quorum voting techniques ensure that only appropriate risks are escalated for investigation.

Full Screen - Alarm Management Cluster FDG

Advanced visualisations such as interactive force directed graphs and adjacency matrices are used to facilitate high quality decision making.

Full Screen - Jidoka - Full

Sabisu algorithms are ‘plug-and-play’, with historian, DCS, ERP and other data sources to dynamically build the mathematical constructs needed in real-time - no expensive configuration or modelling is needed.

Full Screen Alarm Management Configuration

Easily change parameters, tune algorithm responses or interrogate process data. You control the analysis, ensuring it’s appropriate for your processes.

Full Screen - Production KPIs

Make better decisions by extending your analytics to include data from other sources. Grow your data capture over time to build a progressively more comprehensive view of risk exposure.

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