Energy & Sustainability Analytics

Advanced analytics for energy consumption analysis, compliance reporting and predictive assessment.

Consumption, Forecasting and Compliance Analytics

Sabisu automates energy management KPI and report generation, aggregating from any data source, anywhere, in real-time, so you can control energy costs and meet regulatory reporting requirements easily.

Sabisu is used by top tier COMAH sites to report compliance with EU-ETS, CCL, ISO14000 and other local, regional and international standards and regulations.

  • Manufacturing systems (MES, DCS, APC, Historians)
  • ERP, e.g., SAP
  • EPM, e.g., Oracle Primavera
  • EAM, e.g., Infor, Maximo


An integrated approach

We’ve assembled the aggregation, analysis and visualisation capabilities needed for pro-active management of energy consumption. It’s automatic and always up to date.

  • Real-time aggregation of process data
  • Real-time, non-linear capable analytics engine
  • Mobile device access for robust, intrinsically safe devices & iPads
  • Advanced visualisation libraries
  • Remedial Actions & workflow
  • Collaboration through Communities
  • Relevant best practice & advisories

Visibility, control, compliance.

Site management and executive teams need measurable energy efficiency improvements. Sabisu can help you deliver them.

Reduce reporting time & cost overhead by eliminating duplicate effort and cost across the organisation. Sabisu is automated to ensure your people spend time resolving issues, not moving data between spreadsheets.

Reduce inconsistencies when reporting from multiple sources, increasing data and decision quality. Sabisu gives you information you can trust.

Reduce the time taken to make a decision with a real-time view of highly distributed production and project operations, delivered using clear and precise visualisations.

Don’t settle for reacting to issues; make pro-active management decisions that affect current operations. Sabisu’s predictive analytics engine highlights asset inefficiencies so you can work ahead.

With visibility of energy KPIs at process, site and global levels, you can make decisions knowing the full context, making it easy to evaluate impact across assets, facilities or the whole business.

Sabisu’s KPI engine can forecast energy costs with various degrees of confidence using historical data so you can make smarter decisions that work for the long term.

How Sabisu does it

Screenshot - Alarm Management

Sabisu abstracts you from the complexity of multi-site operations to give you a view of regulatory and standards compliance across all plants and sites. Sabisu is used by top tier COMAH sites everywhere to report compliance with EU-ETS, CCL, ISO14000 and other regulations.

Full Screen - Alarm Management Cluster FDG

Sabisu utilises your historian, ensuring a rapid and cost-effective solution. You get real-time analysis and detailed visualisations which allow you to effect operational change to control costs and look after your margins.

Full Screen - Alarm Management FDG

Related or similar assets can exhibit different or inconsistent performance characteristics. With clear visualisations and easy drill-down to the detail, management teams have the knowledge at their fingertips needed to compare performance and effect change.

Excel Data

The Sabisu Publisher Excel Plug-in is simple, easy to use and will save you days. Take your existing reports straight into Sabisu seamlessly for historisation, trending, collaboration and action.

Full Screen - iPad - Project Management 2

Build KPIs that can then be used for reporting throughout the organisation, right up to the executive team, where they can interrogate data on demand from their iPads. A Powerpoint report just doesn’t cut it any more.

Screenshot - Energy Management - Refinery

With no limit on the type of data sources, number of facilities or geographic distribution of assets, Sabisu is a platform designed for global scale deployments - no organisation or project is too big.

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