SHE Capture & Reporting

Build a true picture of compliance across even the most complex processes, from data capture to real-time reporting using process data.

Everything you need for SHE

Poor information is at the heart of every incident, from the minor to the catastrophic (Piper Alpha, Texas City, Deepwater Horizon).

Sabisu is here to plug that information gap, ensuring safety and preventing incidents, downtime and lost profit.

  • DCS Alarm Analysis
  • Sabisu for intrinsically safe mobile devices
  • Change Control & Permits to Work
  • Regulatory Compliance Limits
  • Instrument Diagnostics
  • Outstanding Audit Actions & Inspections

SHE Compliance with Sabisu

We’ve assembled the key capture, aggregation and collaboration capabilities needed for pro-active early notification and handling of EHSS non-compliances.

  • Sabisu Workplace
  • Sabisu Forms
  • Sabisu Mobile for ATEX Zone 2/22 Devices
  • Real-time, non-linear capable statistics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending

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Visibility, control & early warning

Your #1 priority is too important to do by halves. Integrated, mobile, flexible and real-time; it’s time for the Sabisu platform approach to EHS risk management.

Don’t make important decisions on flawed data; get a single, trustworthy set of up to date metrics to support management decisions.

Use Sabisu on intrinsically safe mobile devices to capture accurate, timely EHSS data, allowing you to prevent incidents or implement countermeasures to ensure safety.

Sabisu Publisher makes it easy to include existing risk or safety data you may already have in Excel. Grow your data capture over time to build a progressively more comprehensive view of risk exposure.

Reduce or minimise the effect of lost production events such as trips, outages, inventory constraints.

Capture best practice knowledge and make it available when operators, shift managers or site management really need it – wherever they are.

The Sabisu team will make sure your implementation is ready to go in a few days with data capture and reporting that reflects your processes.

How Sabisu helps keep you safe

Full Screen - Getac Shipping

Sabisu delivers real-time data directly from ATEX Zone 2/22 certified devices on the front line. Get total visibility of shift teams performing risk assessments, maintenance and inspections. Get immediate visibility of potential standards violations.

Full Screen - SHE Create Action

Sabisu is a flexible platform; use it for any EHSS requirement, from complex audit processes with custom workflows to simple assessments and inspections.

Full Screen - Charts Demo

Give Exec teams what they want: summary KPIs with easy to use drill downs, with no manual processing overhead and with guaranteed up to date data. Coming soon to your Site Director’s iPad

Full Screen - SHE Reports 2

Sabisu makes it easy to keep everyone aware of the current risk exposure; simply share a dashboard and Sabisu looks after all aspects of secure data distribution. Get everyone in your organisation on the same page.

Full Screen - Alarm Management

Make better decisions by growing your data capture over time to include alarm analysis, process, enterprise or legacy data.

Full Screen - SHE Reports 1

Every site is different. Sabisu user communities allow you to customise what you, your teams or your Exec team is presented with. Your EHSS analysis and site expertise can be applied to ensure the right reports get to the right people.

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