Deliver your project commitments

Sabisu is the world's first and only digital workspace for delivering major capital projects

Early warning & true visibility

Sabisu uses all project data to ensure visibility of true project progress

Sabisu provides accurate process metrics and KPIs – including all that data you have locked up in MS Excel reports. KPIs are up to date, all the time, automatically.

Served from Sabisu Cloud or installed on-premise, Sabisu even interfaces with EPC and vendor systems to eliminate manual handling by automating KPI and report generation.

  • ERP & Finance, e.g., SAP
  • EPM, e.g., Oracle Primavera
  • EAM, e.g., Infor, Maximo
  • Contracts Management
  • Cost & Estimation
  • MS Excel
  • Risk Management
  • Manufacturing systems (MES, DCS, APC, Historians)

Decision support & role-based workflow

Simple & scalable response to complexity & uncertainty

We’ve assembled the key aggregation, collaboration and calculation capabilities needed for projects to execute on schedule & on budget. Proven on projects of every size, including the largest capital projects on the planet.

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Advanced Project Controls

Sabisu makes Advanced Project Controls possible; a new class of application which brings together analytics, reporting and processes so that early warning trends automatically trigger pre-emptive workflow.

Analytics continually assess schedule risk, highlight incipient issues & identify recovery options; then Sabisu Flow ensures every action is aligned to project objectives.

Sabisu is the platform that project controls teams have been missing, providing:

  • Reporting automation
  • Identifying and assessing project schedule risk
  • Identifying project recovery options
  • Management of project workflows

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Project Workflows

Sabisu is the only platform designed to help you realise your project promises.

Workflow is key to this and Sabisu ensures every action is aligned to project objectives with role-based workflow integrated into the platform.

Each project is different so Sabisu workflow is easy to adapt to any process.

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Visualisation. Collaboration. Prioritisation.

Sabisu brings you real-time aggregation, calculation and prioritisation. Reporting as dynamic and engaging as your project is.

Don’t make important decisions on flawed data; get a single, trustworthy set of metrics to support project & team leaders, no matter how distributed project operations are.

Publish Excel reports to build and share dashboards rapidly. Approve, link and drill-down as each team needs without any additional configuration.

Sabisu prioritises your project issues so you can focus on those where timely influence will bring the biggest benefits. You choose the prioritisation criteria & follow on actions - all managed by the calculation and workflow engines.

Maximise your chances of on-time delivery by using both classic and our innovative analytics; Earned Value, P-factors, Earned Schedule, Recovery Factors, Delivery Confidence, Schedule Risk Analysis.

Make better decisions; see all relevant project data to quickly assess options, or have Sabisu propose recovery options to you.

Eliminate the management overhead and lead time associated with producing reports; automate KPI generation directly from source datasets and choose the appropriate visualisations for each project team or group.

How Sabisu helps project decision makers

Full Screen - Project Summary Scorecards

Sabisu Publisher makes it easy to pull data from Excel; share a carbon copy, approve versions for Execs, or build and share reports and trends based on the raw Excel data. Project Offices love it.

Full Screen - Project Management

Sabisu’s KPI Manager allows you to define complex KPI hierarchies, metrics definitions and user roles. Link directly to enterprise data sources for automatic calculation, or to Sabisu Publisher to quickly leverage existing MS Excel/Office reports.

Full Screen - iPad - Project Management 2

Give Exec teams what they want: summary KPIs with easy to use drill downs, with no manual processing overhead and guaranteed up to date data. Coming soon to your Project Director’s iPad.

Full Screen - SHE Reports 2

Sabisu makes it easy to keep your project partners up to date; simply share a dashboard and Sabisu looks after all aspects of secure data distribution. Get everyone in your JV on the same page.

Full Screen - SHE Reports 1

Sabisu is ideal for complex projects with EPCs, PMCs and vendor hierarchies. Distribute data securely to partners over the internet or directly collect real-time progress data from contractors - only Sabisu has the tried and tested architecture to make this work.

Full Screen - Project Metrics

Every project is different. Sabisu user communities allow customised views for you, your teams or your project Exec team. Your project controls expertise can be applied to ensure the right reports get to the right people.