Advanced Project Controls

Project performance trends automatically trigger pre-emptive workflows to keep you on the performance curve

Real-time analytics for predicting project performance

Advanced Project Controls is a new concept which the Sabisu platform makes possible; early warning of cost, quality & schedule trends which automatically trigger pre-emptive workflow.

No other platform can do this. Sabisu invented it.

Advanced Project Controls will keep you on the performance curve.

Sabisu is the platform that project controls teams have been missing, providing:

  1. Reporting automation
  2. Identifying and assessing project schedule risk
  3. Identifying project recovery options
  4. Management of project workflows

No two projects are the same; hence it’s a platform so you can implement the solution you need for your project, then adapt it to changing competitive, regulatory or business conditions quickly.

Everything you need in one place

Simplify or automate project reporting with Sabisu

Sabisu uses all available project data to give you maximum influence over project outcome and ensure you deliver on your project’s promises.

Sabisu represents industry best practice in reporting & analytics for major capital projects, having been used extensively on many global-scale projects for customers such as Shell and SABIC.

Project Directors can be confident decisions are based on objective, trustworthy measures.

Project Controls can:

  • Eliminate all manual reprocessing of project data
  • Simplify the distribution of reports
  • Standardise format, approval processes and distribution of reports
  • Automate the production of project metrics

With Sabisu Go helping to integrate and automate, it’s easy to rapidly onboard the key projects, sub-projects and user.

Find hidden risks in your schedule

Algorithms to identify and quantify risk hotspots

Major capital project schedules can be split across the owner’s team, many EPCs and run to tens of thousands of lines. It’s impossible to effectively assess schedule risk on this scale.

Sabisu processes any number of related schedules, with any number of tasks, using network mathematics to arrive at a connectivity based risk profile and show hotspots of high risk in the schedules.

Planners can run Sabisu alongside Primavera to optimise their schedule in real-time, or analyse EPC plans to identify areas for improvement.

Sabisu can even offer an optimal task ordering for consideration.

Project recovery recommendations

When project progress drifts off the planned curve, just how likely is recovery to plan?

Sabisu works with cost and progress information to calculate recovery likelihood within one month or using best baseline, planned or actual productivity.

Together with rate of drift and other progress and plan derived metrics, Sabisu can give project controls a new level of insight to inform project recovery options.

Project workflow management

We understand project controls isn’t just reporting; it reaches into every area of the project.

Sabisu has role-based workflow integrated into the platform, with Notifications, Actions & Processes to ensure execution is aligned to project commitments.

Each project is different, so Sabisu workflow is easy to adapt to any process.


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