Operational Excellence with Sabisu

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for complex industrial environments

State of the art software to accelerate your journey

Sabisu integrates people, data and processes into a single, seamless flow of work and information

From small biofuels sites to multi-site petrochemical organisations, Sabisu helps customers accelerate their operational excellence journey by;

  • Reducing operational expenditure
  • Improving critical asset availability
  • Improving forecasting & predictability for costs & production
  • Sharing expertise & best practice across multiple processes & sites

Sabisu defeats operational complexity and fragmentation by targeting data capture, execution inefficiencies, and data/process integration.

It’s easy to adopt or pilot in small teams, yet scales to oil & gas majors.

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Critical Asset Monitoring

Reduce operational expenditure & increase availability

Customers tell us that 70% of maintenance spend has no impact and that current predictive maintenance solutions are too inaccurate.

Sabisu is proven to anticipate or provide early warning of asset issues, demonstrating exceptional results with different asset classes.

Sabisu combines deep learning and statistical techniques to provide state of the art monitoring and automatically initiate workflows.
Uniquely, your process expertise or vendor data is integrated into the predictive models to improve accuracy.

Solutions include OEE, predictive maintenance & alarm analytics.

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Field Processes & Data Capture

Reduce operational costs & improve contractor performance

Sabisu delivers at the point of maximum leverage; in the field where work is executed.

By integrating mobile technology, role-based workflow and enterprise/process data, the platform maximises time-on-tools, eliminating overheads and ensuring best practice is consistently applied.

With high quality field data analytics perform better, improving visibility and planning.

Typical uses include HSSE & Technician Routines, Logistics Processes, Maintenance Procedures, Change Management & Handover Logs.

Sabisu supports the largest field mobile implementations in oil & gas.

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Site Performance Monitoring

Look beyond business intelligence to deliver real control

BI solutions may give the illusion of control but Sabisu integrates data, people and processes to give genuine control in complex environments.

By combining highly scalable data aggregation, analytics and visualisations, Sabisu offers real-time visibility across multiple sites and data silos.

Building on this, specific analytics improve forecasting & predictability for costs & production to help planning and budget allocation.

To ensure these decisions deliver, operational behaviour is aligned to executive priorities through process conformance monitoring, field & critical asset workflows.

Sabisu offers a wide range of production & site performance solutions.

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As a software platform Sabisu is designed to help each customer to define an appropriate solution

Typical implementations range from global-scale petrochemical complexes, individual refineries, crackers and/or LDPE plants, biofuels refineries, to advanced manufacturing organisations.

Each Sabisu solution combines analytics and workflow.

Case studies are available for each of these solutions on request to

Critical Asset Monitoring includes OEE, Predictive Maintenance & Alarm Analytics.

Field Processes & Capture includes HSSE & Technician Routines, Logistics Processes, Maintenance Procedures, Change Management & Handover Logs.

Production / Site Performance Monitoring includes Conf Monitoring, IIoT, Risk Analysis, Executive/Leadership Team Reporting, Site Performance Comparison, Stakeholder Management, Variable Cost Reporting, Utility Forecasting & Site Initiative Management.

Platform features

Sabisu assembles the components you need

Sabisu’s integrated flow of work and information defeats the root cause of operational under-performance; complexity due to lack of integration.

As a digital workspace, Sabisu unites five capabilities:

  • Provisioning of solutions through mobile, browser & desktop applications to support business processes
  • Aggregation and use of enterprise and process data, including predictive analytics and deep learning
  • Solution and process lifecycle management, including metering and monitoring
  • Context-aware security in terms of organisation, process isolation and aggregated data risk
  • User empowerment through the delivery of a unified workpace for a superior user experience

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