Introducing the Digital Workspace

Sabisu is the world's first and only digital workspace for industrial environments.

What is a digital workspace?

The Sabisu team realised that the digital workspace concept was a great fit for the challenges of industrial environments; lack of integration and needless complexity.

Sabisu borrows the concept from other technology sector environments (software development, cloud services, etc) to provide an integrated flow of work and information by uniting five capabilities:

Solution Delivery:
Provisioning of solutions through mobile, browser & desktop applications to support business processes

The aggregation and use of enterprise and process data, including predictive analytics and deep learning.

Management of the solution and process lifecycle, including metering and monitoring.

Provision of context-aware security in terms of organisation structures, process isolation and increased risk associated in handling aggregated data.

User Experience:
A superior user experience through the delivery of a unified workspace which focuses on user empowerment.


Unlike applications such as MS Excel, SAP, Spotfire, or specific tools like P6, Sabisu platform assembles the key components required to defeat complexity and integrate people, data and processes:

How can I use the digital workspace?

Sabisu provides solutions in a many industrial environments, both operational and project delivery focused.

Sabisu capabilities allow provision of commonly needed ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions or the tools for customers to build their own: