Sabisu Go

Fast, automated, bi-directional integration with MS Office

Sabisu Go

Sabisu Go quickly and easily integrates with MS Office to aggregate data in Sabisu analytics and processes or embed those in MS Office documents.

Go integrates seamlessly with MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word & MS Access.

Does Sabisu Go work with...?

Go integrates any and all of your data.

Go integrates with MS Office seamlessly, making your reporting easy, fast and credible; MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Word.

Go also integrates with AspenTech IP21 and OSISoft PI to help you extract the most value from your process data.

What about MS Access, SQL, Lotus Notes and all those other legacy data sources?

Go supports ODBC/OLEDB with built-in, easy to use query creator.

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How Go works

Go automates data integration and sharing across the MS Office suite

Go creates instant static and dynamic reports, so you can immediately format how your data should be seen.

Go creates a new version of your data so you can approve it’s use – or hold it in draft.

Go extracts all your data into a datastore so you can report on it or use Sabisu analytics at a later date – all of it is stored, just in case.

Go creates calculations based on your spreadsheet that can be used anywhere, on any report, to build a real-time, live dashboard.

Go automatically updates your MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents with the latest data visualisations.

If you’re working with large volumes of process data from historians such as AspenTech IP.21 or OSISoft PI we recommend Sabisu Bridge.


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