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Sabisu Go: Fast, automated reporting where MS Excel is used to process AspenTech IP.21 and OSISoft PI data.

All the value, none of the time or cost

Process engineers and other tech-savvy experts often run MS Excel spreadsheets that extract data from AspenTech IP21, OSISoft PI or other back end systems. This allows them to quickly analyse manufacturing data.

Sabisu Go was designed to create a single, credible source for this type of analysis.

Sabisu Go eliminates the time & cost overhead and to allow experts to promote best practice throughout the organisation.

When you’re ready to ramp up to streaming process data in real-time we have on-premise connectivity or Bridge.

Eliminate manual updates

Let’s eliminate the manual handling of data.

Sabisu will run your spreadsheets and calculations even if you’re not there – even complex reports using back end data sources and add-ins.

It’ll also make sure the data is available to other reports, or other users for further analysis.

Find the data then let Sabisu take over.

As soon as you upload, you’re good to go.

A single, credible source of process data analysis

Let’s eliminate the communication overhead.

You’ll upload your reports to Sabisu, meaning that everyone will find your reports in one place. Sabisu automatically makes sure they’re up to date and ensures everyone can see the latest approved version.

That’s how you share best practice: with a single hyperlink.

If others need your spreadsheet source they can simply pull it down from Sabisu.

Finding and sharing best practice

MS Excel is a great analysis tool but it has it’s limits, particularly with complex analytics or large quantities of data.

Sabisu finds external data sources used in your spreadsheet and configures integration, so you can switch off MS Excel and go direct to source data when you’re ready.

It also gives you access to the large maths function and visualisation library, with instant Sabisu Metasensor ® analytics automatically identifying correlations and repeating patterns of abnormal behaviour.

Really, it’s that simple.

When you’re ready, flick the switch.

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