How do I automate reporting?

Sabisu Go: Automating reports & processes with Go & MS Office

Automation = Efficiency

For many customers, automation is the route to reducing overhead, improving consistency and maintainability of reports.

Go scales where complex reporting based in MS Excel doesn’t. Automation ensures you can use all that good work but radically reduces report maintenance, communication and analysis workloads.

Sabisu Go does this by automatically updating reports, generating dashboards and integrating with back end data sources.

With plug-ins for MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint it’s easy to get data both in and out of the platform – as shown here.

Eliminate manual updates

Let’s eliminate the manual update process.

You shouldn’t have to manually update reports with new data, then check it, make adjustments and send it out by email.

It’s not a good use of your time.

Sabisu runs your spreadsheets and calculations even if you’re not there – even complex reports using back end data sources and add-ins.

It’ll also make sure the data is available to other reports or users for further analysis.

Spend your time analysing rather than maintaining spreadsheets or copy/pasting screenshots into Word/PowerPoint.

Automatic report & dashboard creation

Eliminate the time taken to create reports and dashboards.

Every time you upload, Sabisu decodes your spreadsheets so you have KPIs that can be used throughout Sabisu.

You simply choose what goes on which dashboard for which Community.

All the reports are then available to you in MS Word, PowerPoint or as direct links so you can dramatically shortcut the time taken to compile them for third parties.


Automatic data integration

Integrating with a back end data source is no longer expensive and time consuming.

Sabisu integrates external data sources so you can switch off MS Excel and go direct to source data when you’re ready.

Really, it’s that simple.

When you’re ready, flick the switch.



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