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Sabisu Go, Bridge and supporting documentation

Sabisu Go

Easy MS Office integration

Sabisu Go is a small client-side app that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your MS Office data into Sabisu reports and analytics.

Go is primarily designed for MS Excel and MS Powerpoint users.

Go also connects to OSISoft PI, AspenTech IP21 and via ODBC/OLEDB almost any data source.

Download Go

Sabisu Bridge

The easiest way to securely transfer process data to the cloud

Sabisu Bridge provides a single smart connectivity capability, ensuring that data is always streamed to Sabisu Cloud when high quality connections are available and missing data is found and retrieved if the stream is interrupted.

Download Bridge

Case Studies & Briefing Notes

Predictive Analytics continues to be a focus for many of our customers. The following case studies show how customers are using Sabisu to radically advance their approach to maintenance and OEE.

Sabisu Analytics – Using Sabisu analytics to predict compressor failure

Sabisu Analytics – Testing Sabisu analytics prediction of heat exchanger failure

Sabisu defines Advanced Project Control. The following case study describes two different projects with two different approaches to implementing Sabisu.

Sabisu – Project Reporting, Controls & Workflow Brief Case Studies

Introducing Sabisu to new users & customers is often best done with a short and high level presentation tailored to Operations or Project use-cases outlining the reasons Sabisu was created and the key capabilities of the platform.

Where an executive needs to be briefed on Sabisu background, capabilities, technologies and key use-cases the Sabisu Briefing Note may be appropriate.

Obviously copyright for all these documents is held by Sabisu. Drop us a line at if there’s something you’d like to use.

Images & Logos

Sabisu logos and logotypes can be found at the link below.

Guidelines on how to use these logos and the Sabisu brand and identity can be found here.

Drop us a line at if there are other images you’re looking for.

Sabisu Logos