Sabisu Cloud

Aggregate & analyse data on a global scale.
Deploy role-based workflows at scale.

Infinite Sabisu

A hub for any data at any frequency from anywhere

Sabisu integrates with your key data wherever it is. It’s the platform you need for large scale process, IIoT or mega-project solutions.

Sabisu can support acquisition, storage and analytics for multi-petabyte datasets. Sabisu Central Cloud Services are hugely scalable, based around serverless micro-services, parallel processing and distributed storage.

If regulatory controls, data compliance or security concerns you need single-tenant data persistence & processing that’s fine too; Sabisu Units were designed precisely for those needs.

Scale. Reach. Performance.

Sabisu is unique; designed for a cloud deployment from day #1. Rapid elastic compute and storage capacity is in Sabisu’s DNA.

This allows Sabisu to rapidly provision:

  • Hosting complete customer implementations of Sabisu for genuine SaaS
  • Elastic scaling to store or analyse very large process or project datasets
  • Rapid deployment of IIoT solutions
  • Transmission of data from within the enterprise to third parties
  • Acquisition of enterprise data using Sabisu Go

Sabisu offers three key ways to connect your process to the Sabisu Cloud, developed and tested in the field since 2012; Sabisu Bridge, Sabisu Go and Sabisu Appliance.

Connecting your process to Sabisu Cloud

Field tested for 5 years, Sabisu has the right connectivity options for your data

Sabisu Bridge

Lightweight data acquisition tool for Manufacturing IT, using multi-modal connection to Sabisu Cloud for streaming high frequency data with guaranteed quality of service even with limited network capacity.

Sabisu Go

The easy way to integrate end-user data into the Sabisu Cloud; MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or ODBC. Excellent for low frequency (hourly or less) data uploads.

Sabisu Appliance

Integration-as-a-Service; an immediately deployable hardware platform with Sabisu Bridge pre-installed and managed by Sabisu. Ready to collect real-time process or enterprise data.

Scaling with Sabisu Central Cloud Services

Sabisu’s core architecture is micro-service and service oriented, with Sabisu Central Cloud Services providing multi-tenant aggregation, analytics & workflow capabilities.

Where a customer needs to demarcate data, Sabisu provides schema or database separation.

Total environmental isolation is offered using Sabisu Elastic Units which allow customers with specific compliance or security requirements to scale rapidly and globally with a federated or replicated architecture.


Why cloud?

Elastic compute and storage allows us to scale to petabytes of process, enterprise or project data.

Project Reporting

Rapidly spin up project reporting, anywhere.
Automatic KPIs up to date, all the time.


From small projects to global portfolios.


Analyse complex project data to find leading indicators of project stress.

Predictive Analytics

Modern machine learning techniques require substantial elastic compute resource.


Sabisu analytics can predict possible asset failure, or mine vast quantities of data to highlight hidden issues.


Try Analytics-as-a-Service; use Sabisu Cloud to run analytics on your on-premise data.

Global scale analytics

Aggregate vast datasets from multiple plants; all the process data you’ve ever produced.


Find correlations and repeated events using elastic compute resource running C++, Python and Spark/Hadoop.


Delivered using the world’s best user interface.

Inside the Sabisu Cloud

Core Sabisu capabilities are provided by Sabisu Cloud Central Services;  a service-oriented and micro-services based architecture.

Processing & analytics micro-services ensure data is de-noised, models updated and rapidly processed into the data-lake. Parallel processing using Elastic MapReduce, Spark and SparkML ensures high performance at scale.

Sabisu’s mission to integrate advanced analytics with role-based workflow is clear in key architectural components:

  • Visualisation Services ensure all users have a world-class user experience; rapid, relevant and easy to use.
  • Knowledge Services persist corporate knowledge so that intelligence is retained with decisions and actions always well informed.
  • Business Logic Services support the automatic triggering and management of role-based workflows; execution management integrated into decision making as it should be.
  • Analytics Engines support the ad hoc interrogation or continuous monitoring of process & enterprise data with statistical and machine learning techniques.

Sabisu’s RESTful APIs expose much of the core functionality to developers and partners, saving significant effort and permitting highly integrated solutions to be constructed with ease.


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