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Case Studies & Briefing Notes

Predictive Analytics continues to be a focus for many of our customers. The following case studies show how customers are using Sabisu to radically advance their approach to maintenance and OEE.

Sabisu Analytics – Using Sabisu analytics to predict compressor failure

Sabisu Analytics – Testing Sabisu analytics prediction of heat exchanger failure


Sabisu defines Advanced Project Control. Case studies can be made available describing different projects and approaches to implementing Sabisu for major capital projects and megaprojects.


Introducing Sabisu to new users & customers is often best done with a short and high level presentation tailored to Operations or Project use-cases outlining the reasons Sabisu was created and the key capabilities of the platform.


Where an executive needs to be briefed on Sabisu background, capabilities, technologies and key use-cases the Sabisu Briefing Note may be appropriate.


Obviously copyright for all these documents is held by Sabisu. Drop us a line at if there’s something you’d like to use.

Case Study: SABIC Petrochemicals UK

SABIC are one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers. SABIC have a significant UK presence including a 1 million tonne/year ethylene plant and the largest Low Density Polyethylene plant in Europe.

SABIC UK implemented Sabisu in early 2011 in a phased rollout which started by meeting a specific energy management requirement, before moving to many other use-cases including predictive analytics and plant mobile.

SABIC UK continues to be a foundation customer and reference site, where solutions including Site Improvement Management and Climate Change Reporting can be seen in action.


The Challenge

We needed something where the user could simply pull it all together and see it all on one page.

Tony Porritt - UK Applications Manager

SABIC have a large manufacturing environment complicated by systems from multiple vendors and legacy systems, so extracting and sharing data across the organisation was time consuming.

SABIC wanted a platform with exceptional integration capability that enabled end users to easily find and share the data that was important to them.

The Solution

It really solves the problem of being able to share information across a company without deploying new applications.

Tony Porritt - UK Applications Manager

Sabisu delivered substantial financial benefit immediately as the energy management team were able to identify efficiencies by comparing data from multiple sources.

Business Benefits.

It is probably saving us around 80-90% of the cost of delivering information presentation solutions.

Paul Ettridge - UK Automation Manager

Sabisu meets many of SABIC’s challenges. Examples include:

  • Complex systems are hidden from the user, allowing focus on the data.
  • Legacy system data is now easily retrievable.
  • Lotus Notes databases can be leveraged without migration spend.
  • Expert insights can be easily shared with user communities.