Project Performance Management with Sabisu

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for complex industrial environments

Making complex projects manageable

Sabisu integrates people, data and processes into a single, seamless flow of work and information

Capital projects are dynamically complex environments. Data silos and isolated processes promote duplication, distortion and delay as data volume and diversity multiplies.

From small turnarounds to global-scale megaprojects for oil & gas majors, Sabisu accelerates project delivery by:

  • Providing real-time visibility & control – particularly during Execution
  • Improving forecasts so you can guarantee a positive project outcome
  • Eliminating delays & strengthening control processes
  • Automating analytics to provide early warning of trending risks

Sabisu defeats project complexity and fragmentation by targeting execution inefficiencies and data/process integration.

No other platform can help you optimise capital allocation, reduce project costs and maximise influence on trending risks.

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Advanced Project Controls

Data aggregation, automated analytics and workflow in a single platform

Sabisu combines data aggregation, automated analytics and workflow to strengthen project controls, change & execution management, value assurance & VIPs (value improving practices).

Project metrics are always up to date, all the time – particularly if EPC data sources are integrated.

Sabisu uses deep learning and statistical algorithms to build & maintain project reference models used in early lifecycle forecasting, detecting trending risks and generating recovery recommendations.

Control is exercised through workflow, customised to your project’s needs and triggered on demand or automatically as project risks evolve; a unified action tracking platform ensuring transparency & eliminating delays.

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Execution Management

Reduce execution overheads, improve data quality & get real-time schedule updates

Sabisu delivers maximum leverage at the point of maximum risk by transforming Execution efficiency in the field.

By integrating mobile technology, role-based workflow and enterprise/process data, the platform maximises time-on-tools, eliminating overheads and ensuring best practice is consistently applied.

With high quality field data updating project schedules and analytics in real-time the delivery team can adapt to emerging risks and opportunities to meet unit development costs & schedule.

Sabisu supports the largest field mobile implementations in oil & gas.

No other platform can bring the whole delivery team together on a single digital, mobile platform; owners, EPCs and sub-contractors.

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Project & Portfolio Management

Every project needs flexibility. Every project needs oversight.

Sabisu adds value to the capital project lifecycle from the earliest project stages with reference models offering baseline performance prediction, promoting solution re-use and locking in previous lessons learned.

By aggregating raw data instead of simply rolling up project metrics, Sabisu offers executives versatile analytics and on-demand drill-down.

Analysis is supported by commentary captured in Sabisu which also drives identification and sharing of emerging best practice.

Portfolio Managers benefit from deep learning techniques which highlight hidden, evolving risks, such as commentary sentiment analysis, weak signal detection and statistical analytics.

Sabisu workflow allows project comparison without mandating inflexible processes which may not suit some projects/stakeholders.

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As a software platform Sabisu is designed to help each customer to define an appropriate solution

Typical implementations include projects of all types; greenfield, brownfield, upstream, downstream & maintenance.

Each Sabisu solution combines analytics and workflow.

Case studies are available for each of these solutions on request to

Execution Management using Field Mobile includes Progress Capture, Scheduling, Schedule Risk Analysis, Handover Logs, Logistics Processes, Maintenance Procedures, HSSE & Technician Routines.

Advanced Project Controls includes Progress Reports, EPC Data Analytics, Progress Reports, KPI Management, Project Performance, Earned Value/Schedule, Schedule Risk Analysis, Change Management, Cost Reporting, Outcome Forecasting, Recovery Predictions, QA Findings Risk Analysis, Cost Estimate Validation, Resourcing Processes.

Project & Portfolio Management includes Executive/Leadership Team Reporting, Stakeholder Management, Site Initiative Management, VAR/VIP Reviews, Project Assurance, Project Performance Comparison.

Platform features

Sabisu assembles the components you need

Sabisu’s integrated flow of work and information defeats the root cause of project under-performance; complexity due to lack of integration.

As a digital workspace Sabisu unites five capabilities:

  • Provisioning of solutions through mobile, browser & desktop applications to support business processes
  • Aggregation and use of enterprise and process data, including predictive analytics and deep learning
  • Solution and process lifecycle management, including metering and monitoring
  • Context-aware security in terms of organisation, process isolation and aggregated data risk
  • User empowerment through the delivery of a unified workpace for a superior user experience

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