Sabisu Appliance

Pre-built on disposable hardware this is your fastest & most secure route to Sabisu Cloud

Plug & play integration

Data aggregation, processing & distribution with zero effort

Sabisu Appliance is simple; a free software stack on a disposable hardware platform. It’s ready to go.

Appliance instantly gives you:

  • Sabisu Cloud connectivity, allowing you to
    • store process data from one or many plants
    • run complex analytics across all that data in an elastic environment
  • Seamless integration with your process, project and operational data
  • Local acquisition & historisation of process data from plant devices
  • Direct connection to third parties and mobile devices (enterprise & plant)
  • Sabisu collaboration, workflow and knowledge services
  • MS Active Directory synchronisation and end-to-end certificated security


Managed Service

We take care of Sabisu. You take care of business.

The Sabisu Appliance is maintained and monitored remotely by the Sabisu team to ensure its continued high performance.


Sabisu’s controlled programme of continuous improvement has ensured an enviable track record of reliability and optimisation. Your license & maintenance payment entitles you to every system revision. Updates are automatic in accordance with our rapid, frequent release cycle.


Exact Sabisu Appliance specifications may vary but it’s our job to ensure that you have what you need.

Roll your own

Deploy the Sabisu Bridge on your internal platforms

Sabisu Bridge is very lightweight and just needs Windows 7 or later.

There are no particular hardware requirements; Bridge will run on a $100 credit card sized PC.

More usually customers install Bridge alongside other applications onto a multi-use server in a DMZ or at ISA-95 level 3.

Bridge will happily co-exist with other applications.



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