Notes for Agencies & Recruiters

Hi there!

We have a very low staff turnover but we are continually recruiting, assessing good candidates we feel could be a core part of the team.

There is no HR department or recruitment team; the senior management team have to fit this in alongside product development and customer implementations.

If you want to work with us, you work our way.

How we work

Do not call us.

Do not email to ask us for a call.

You have someone great we need to know about?

  • Email only. Trust that we watch this email address carefully.
  • Send only candidates who want and are eligible to work in the UK (North East and North West).
  • Send only candidates that fit the skillset on the website.
  • Do not send anonymous CVs.
  • Include salary expectations and availability.

A couple of things that will get you blacklisted around here:

  • Trying to poach our staff.
  • Pretending to be a customer or partner.
  • Overselling a candidate.

Remember that our offices are small and open plan.

Working with us

We pay 15% of year 1 base salary.

We will not sign your terms & conditions.

We will not work with you exclusively.

We will pay invoices within 30 days.

Invoices must be dated after the candidate’s start date.

If a candidate is employed by us within 6 months of an introduction by you we will pay the fee.

If the candidate is already known to us we will tell you this as soon as we know and no fee will be payable.

If the candidate leaves us within 12 weeks of their start date (for any reason) you will try to find a replacement free of charge.

If you are unable to find a replacement acceptable to us then you will refund your fee pro-rata for each week of the 12 that the candidate did not work.