Make better decisions.

Sabisu software gives you an integrated view of asset or project performance.

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An integrated view of asset or project performance

Seamlessly integrate data from any enterprise or manufacturing IT source to build a single source of truth.

Unified task management & messaging across all platforms to quickly respond to executive, competitive or regulatory demands.

Automate expensive, complex reporting to save thousands of man-hours.

Real-time. Intelligent. Predictive.

Everything you need in one place

We’ve assembled the key aggregation, analytics and collaboration capabilities needed for pro-active decision makers in oil & gas and petrochemicals.

Integrate data from any enterprise, engineering or manufacturing source.

Sabisu aggregates and manipulates very large datasets to show you those improvements that will materially affect your bottom line.

Sabisu brings clarity & precision.

Sabisu provides intelligent analytics and visualisations for the world’s largest operations and projects.

Take control

Sabisu is a platform for you to build solutions, communities and killer applications of your own.
It’s designed for the challenges of the oil & gas and petrochemicals industries, where partnerships and joint ventures are the norm.