Technology that defeats complexity

Sabisu is the world's first and only digital workspace for industrial environments

Analytics & workflow seamlessly integrated

Sabisu eliminates inefficiency in complex operations and major capital projects

Trusted by global leaders

Radical integration defeats complexity

Every Sabisu solution brings together data, people and workflow
so you can successfully direct complex environments

Sabisu integrates people, data and workflows into a single friction-free, automated flow of work and information.

Instead of fragmented processes, data silos and manual analytics, Sabisu pro-actively monitors your environment to initiate workflows in response to incipient issues, ensuring they are mitigated & managed to completion.

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for industrial environments.

Operational Excellence with Sabisu

More than software: a step change in organisation maturity & capability

From small biofuels sites to multi-site petrochemical organisations, Sabisu helps customers accelerate their operational excellence journey by;

  • Increasing availability of critical assets by combining predictive analytics and workflow
  • Reducing unit operating costs by targeting execution inefficiencies
  • Providing analysis, forecasting and workflow to optimise operational performance

No other platform brings management, operations and contractors together on a single digital, mobile platform to address common challenges.

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Capital Project Delivery with Sabisu

Sabisu addresses the systemic causes behind project under performance

Proven on megaprojects yet essential to the smallest turnaround, Sabisu accelerates delivery of capital projects with:

  • Mobile & analytics to provide real-time visibility & control during Execution
  • Deep learning to forecast project outcome & provide recovery assessments
  • Seamless workflow to eliminate delays & strengthen controls
  • Automated analytics to provide early warning & mitigation of commissioning & startup issues

No other platform can help you optimise capital allocation, reduce project costs and maximise influence on trending risks.

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Everything you need is here

Team fragmentation, silos of data and isolated processes cause industrial environments to be dynamically complex.
Sabisu has the components to help direct your organisation.



Complexity causes a range of issues, including:

  • Inflated costs, duplicating work & stressing limited resources
  • Surfacing, interpreting & using large volumes of data is impossible
  • Getting data to the right people is laborious
  • Information being distorted, delayed & withheld
  • Unreliable forecasts, schedules & misallocation of budgets

Sabisu defeats complexity with radical levels of integration:

  • Comprehensive data aggregation
  • Triggering key workflows automatically from analytics
  • Cross-enterprise workflows
  • Predictive analytics
  • Extensive, integrated collaboration

Sabisu is a platform for instant provision of ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions or for customers to build their own.

Unlike applications such as MS Excel or specific tools like Primavera or Spotfire, Sabisu platform assembles the key components required to defeat complexity, integrating people, data and processes.

Where Sabisu works best

Sabisu is a tactical solution, filling the gap between strategy & execution.

No other software platform fills the tactical requirements of complex industrial environments.

Sabisu integrates data silos in existing platforms including

  • ERP (e.g., SAP)
  • Scheduling (e.g., Primavera P6)
  • Engineering
  • Risk & HSSE
  • Process historians & APC

Sabisu is there to ensure your expertise delivers maximum impact.