Make better decisions.

Sabisu software gives you an integrated view of asset or project performance.

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Your Intelligence Hub

Seamlessly integrate data from anywhere into the Sabisu analytics & workflow engines.

Project & Operations Intelligence

For decision makers & executive teams in oil & gas/petrochemicals.

Ensure quick response to executive, competitive or regulatory demands with unified task management & messaging.

Save thousands of man hours by automating expensive, complex reporting.

Everything you need in one place

Make the right decisions and make them stick.

Global reach & insight

The distributed aggregation, analysis and presentation capabilities needed for global-scale operations.
All your KPIs up to date, all the time.

Implement in minutes

Data virtualisation, analytics and workflow tools ready to go

Solutions take minutes to roll out, allowing you to target those problems in your business with the greatest ROI.

There is no install or complex implementation required, with Software-as-a-Service and on-premise deployment options. It’s easy to get started yet will scale to full enterprise deployment. 

Aggregating and analysing multiple petabytes of operational and project data, Sabisu solutions have been proven in the largest oil & gas and petrochemicals enterprises in the world.

It’s a platform for you to build solutions, communities and killer applications of your own.

Trusted by global leaders

Real-time. Intelligent. Predictive.